Investigative Committee detained Zakharchenko’s wife over attempt of $16m-embezzlement 

Investigative Committee detained Zakharchenko’s wife over attempt of $16m-embezzlement
Anastasia Pestrikova

Anastasia Pestrikova was literally taken off the plane at the airport of Samara from where she tried to leave to Cyprus. The girlfriend of the colonel-billionaire became a defendant in a criminal case over swindle.

The staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia detained Anastasia Pestrikova on September 28 for the attempt of embezzlement of 16 million dollars from her acquaintance, sources in law enforcement agencies reported to RIA Novosti, quoting a charge plot.

It is reported that Pestrikova had already passed the customs control and when entering the plane was detained with the assistance of the staff of Customs Service, who withdrew her documents.

The petition of the Investigative Committee of Russia for Pestrikova's arrest has already come to Basmanny Court of Moscow, the press secretary Junona Tsareva reported. The common-law wife of the former deputy chief of Administration T of General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting Corruption, who is accused of bribe-taking and official power abuse, might face 10 years of imprisonment for a swindle.

To recall, the first time the name of Anastasia Pestrikova was called in Moscow City Court in May 2017 in connection with colonel Zakharchenko’s case, within which she acted as a witness. Then Pestrikova said that $16 million, arrested earlier within the case of Zakharchenko on a certain Lilia Gorshkova's accounts in VTB 24 bank, belonged to her. Lilia Gorshkova also confirmed it and Pestrikova said that the money belongs to her father, a businessman. According to the investigation, Zakharchenko transferred the money to Pestrikova sometime before his detention when the colonel already felt the threat, which has hung over him. He categorically denies it.


Anastasia Pestrikova in court in May, 2017

Later, it appeared that Anastasia Pestrikova, who is raising a child from Dmitry Zakharchenko, has magnificent apartments on Efremov Street in Moscow worth 150 million rubles ($2,5 million), which Zakharchenko has presented her shortly before the arrest.

According to media, earlier Dmitry Zakharchenko has provided with magnificent apartments his first common-law wife Marina Semynina (apartments for 250 million rubles ($4,3 million)), and his former official spouse Yana Saratovtseva, who was presented the apartment worth 85 million rubles ($1,4 million).


Dmitry Zakharchenko

To recall, the colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was detained during a special operation of the Federal Security Service on September 9, 2016. During searches in his car, office and apartments belonging to his family, over 8,5 billion rubles ($146 million) were withdrawn. In the middle of September 2016 Zakharchenko was accused of three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — 285 (Official Power Abuse), 290 (Bribe Taking) and 294 (Hindrance to the implementation of justice and production of preliminary investigation). Now Dmitry Zakharchenko is in a pre-trial detention center. The period of investigation on his case has been prolonged several times, as new episodes and defendants regularly appear there. The former acting head of Administration T of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting Corruption still denies his fault.



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