Investigation of Ufa former Vice-Mayor’s aerodrome case completed

Investigation of Ufa former Vice-Mayor’s aerodrome case completed
Vladislav Nikitin

Vladislav Nikitin is suspected of swindling with the airport DOSAAF land plots, which later turned out to be on the asset of his sister firm.

The case of the former first Deputy Head of the Ufa Administration Vladislav Nikitin was removed to the Prosecutor's Office, Kommersant reported. The investigation believes that in 2011 he transferred 170 hectares of land plots, where the DOSAAF airfield was located until 2009, to municipal ownership. In 2011, company Design and Investment Company Bashkirgrazhdanproekt rented it for 100 million rubles, and later delivered possession the land for the use to Promstal Plant, registered on Nikitin's sister. For such acts the ex-official was charged under the Article Abuse of Official Powers (part 3, Art. 285 of the Criminal Code). The damage to the federal budget is estimated at 900 million rubles - the market value of the land.

The defense of Nikitin, who worked in the City Hall land issues Department, requires a new investigation, because the current one was carried out with violations. At the same time, according to the lawyer Yulai Davletov, "files contain significant shortcomings and contradictions that are more likely to favor the defendant." In particular, the Prosecution alleges that, according to the testimony of the aerodrome registration, issued in 2009, on the ground, later sold, was DOSAAF airport. However, as claimed by a lawyer, since 2006, DOSAAF used  another site in coordination with the Cityfor its needs. And on the runway there were already living buildings.

By the way, materials, on which the investigation relied on, are checked now by the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Ufa garrison. A transfer of land from the category on non-municipal form of ownership was started long before Nikitin appearance in the City Administration. And he just finished the process.

Also, lawyers do not agree with the amount of damage. In their opinion, the price of the plot was exaggerated four times for heaving the article of the Criminal Code, incriminated to Nikitin. Otherwise, it would have to close the case for the lapse of time.



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