Syktyvkar Vice-Mayor who left to US is under prosecution again

Syktyvkar Vice-Mayor who left to US is under prosecution again
Former Deputy Mayor of Syktyvkar Sergey Luchenkov

The official was deported home after violation of the migratory legislation.

The Syktyvkar Court began consideration of the case of the former Deputy Head of the Syktyvkar Administration Sergey Luchenkov, who run away from the investigation abroad, but was deported from the USA in connection with violation of the migratory legislation, the press service of prosecutor's office of the region reports.

It is noted that if he Vice-Mayor had not run away and satisfied conditions of the pre-judicial agreement, the consideration would have taken place in a special order.

To recall, Sergey Luchenkov is accused of complicity to former city's Mayor Roman Zenishchev in receiving a large bribe. According to the investigators, in the first half of 2007, the Deputy Mayor organized a meeting being at that time the chief of Roman Zenishchev’s Administration together with the head of Thermal Company LLC. During the meeting, officials suggested the businessman to pay 10 million rubles ($177.780) in exchange for conclusion of a municipal contract.

After initiation of legal proceedings Luchenkov admitted his guilt, concluded the pre-judicial agreement, however later, in July, 2014, he did not come to a court session and was put on the wanted list. He was detained in February of this year at the Vnukovo airport.



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