Investigation found new corrupt officials in Renova case

Investigation found new corrupt officials in Renova case
Searches in Renova Group of Companies, September 2016

However, investigators are not ready to announce the suspects’ names yet.

Investigators have found new defendants in the high-profile case against managers of the Renova Group of Companies on bribing officials in Komi. However, for legal reasons, their names have not been disclosed. This has been reported by the ICR investigator in the Moscow City Court, where the lawyers’ complaints on the extension of detention for co-owner of the Renova Group Companies Evgeny Olkhovik and General Director of T Plus Energy Holding Boris Vainzikher have been reviewed.

“At this stage, investigation wants to avoid information disclosure as much as possible; therefore, it has provided a minimum of materials to the court. But even this little information shows that there had been a group of bribe-takers, Komi Republic officials, operating. And the bribe-givers may be not limited to Olkhovik, Vainzikher, and Slobodin,” RIA Novosti tells citing an investigator.

According to the ICR official, the bribes would be transferred by mediators at personal meetings, as well as through non-cash transfers.

It should be noted that the Moscow City Court has deemed the arrest of Renova’s top managers until February 2017 lawful, thereby not satisfying the appeal complaints of the defense.

Let us recall that in early September, searches were held in the offices of Renova and the subordinate T Plus. The ICR explained that the searches were carried out as part of the criminal case on multi-million dollar bribes to the previous Government of Komi. After this, Managing Director of Renova Evgeny Olkhovik and Director General of T Plus Energy Holding Boris Vainzikher were arrested. Former Head of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin, who had headed T Plus from 2003 to 2010, was arrested in absentia. Defendants in the case are accused of giving bribes to the former leadership of the Komi Republic worth over 800 million rubles in the period from 2007 to 2014. According to investigators, they would give bribes for setting the most favorable tariffs for electricity and heat, as well as providing other benefits and creating comfortable conditions of commercial activity.

The searches were instigated after the August meeting of the Acting Head of Komi Sergey Gaplikov with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which Gaplikov raised the issue of energy supply in the region. The Acting Head of Komi Republic complained about the emergency state of Vorkuta TPP-2, and, consequently, about the unpreparedness of the region’s power system for winter. In addition, Gaplikov complained about the ownership structure of Vorkuta TPP-2 by T Plus and the power company’s plans to sell this asset.

Let us note that the former Head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer, accused in another case of corruption and creation of an organized crime community, is a witness in the Renova case. 



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