Investigation finds “a fleet of expensive cars” belonging to Shestun family

Investigation finds “a fleet of expensive cars” belonging to Shestun family

According to the ICR, the property of the head of the Serpukhov District does not correspond with his income.

Investigators reported about the expensive property of the family of the arrested head of the Serpukhov District which did not correspond his income indicated in his declaration. The information is published on the ICR website.

It is noted that from 2002 to 2017, Shestun and his wife Yulia declared income of not more than 11.4 million rubles ($172000). However, in 2014, the official, together with his mother, bought a house and a plot of land in the village of Bolshevik worth more than 36 million rubles ($545000).

In addition, according to the investigation, Shestun and his relatives own a “fleet of expensive foreign cars.” The ICR did not specify which cars they are talking about and how much they cost. 

“In order to ensure further compensation for the damage caused, the property of the defendant has been seized,” added the ICR.

Shestun's wife said that in 2014 she and her husband bought half of the house using funds received from the sale of their previous real estate property. The second half was paid by the official’s mother who is engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

“Our entire so-called “expensive car fleet” consists of two cars. My husband bought a used Mercedes, it is more than ten years old. I have a middle-class Volvo which is about five years old,” said Yulia.

According to her, their close relatives are engaged in business and have nothing to do with the family budget. “But they also do not have any super-expensive fleet of cars,” she said.

It is to be recalled that the case against Alexander Shestun was initiated in June; right away, he was detained by law enforcement officers. According to the investigation, the head of the Serpukhov District exceeded his authority and handed over to Tsentr LLC (Center) four plots of land, which damaged the municipal budget in the amount of more than 62 million rubles ($938000).



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