Investigation: Deputy Minister of Culture Pirumov admitted to multi-million dollar embezzlement

Investigation: Deputy Minister of Culture Pirumov admitted to multi-million dollar embezzlement
Grigoriy Pirumov in court Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna/ Kommersant

However, the lawyer refutes the statement of the investigation, insisting that it is not possible to admit to the crime without determining the exact amount of damages.

The representative of the investigation reported about the fact that the Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Grigoriy Pirumov admitted his guilt in multi-million dollar embezzlement in the allocation of money for the restoration of cultural heritage.

"In the materials of the criminal case, there is evidence proving the guilt of Grigoriy Pirumov, in particular, there is Pirumov’s admission of guilt in the crimes committed", quotes Interfax the investigator, who spoke today at the Moscow City Court which deals with the application for an extension of the term of the official’s arrest.

The investigator said that Pirumov confessed during the interrogation that took place on 19 October. The prosecutor asked the court to attach a copy of the admission to the case materials.

However, Pirumov’s defense denies the statement uttered in the court. The lawyer Fedor Kupriyanov insists that one cannot speak of a plea without determining the exact amount of the damage.

"Pirumov’s confession is the investigation’s opinion", Kupriyanov said to RIA Novosti.

The official’s defense also said that Pirumov intends to continue to provide comprehensive evidence, without admission of guilt.

Meanwhile, the Moscow City Court refused to release the official, rejecting the lawyers’ complaint on the extension of the accused's arrest. The Deputy Minister will remain in a pre-trial detention center until December 15.

It is to be recalled that Grigoriy Pirumov was detained on March 15 this year, and later arrested on charges of embezzlement.

Note that previously, the Director of FSUE Tsentrrestavratsiya Oleg Ivanov, the Director of the Property Management Department of the Ministry of Culture Boris Mazo and the Adviser to the CEO of the company Linnit-Consult Nikita Kolesnikov partially admitted their guilt in embezzlement. The persons of the interest in the case are also the director of the company Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeyev and its manager Alexander Kochenov. The defendants in the case are accused of Swindling (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) not less than 50 million rubles from the 127 million rubles allocated from the state budget for the implementation of the restoration works for a number of cultural heritage sites.

According to the investigators, the Ministry of Culture officials supervised procurement, helping certain businessmen receive multimillion-dollar contracts. Pirumov, Mazo and Ivanov were signing documents: author and technical supervisions, fake acts of the work performed. The public money was being transferred to a commercial company’s account and then shared between the parties of the criminal scheme.



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