Internal Affairs official took multi-million ruble bribe and retired

Internal Affairs official took multi-million ruble bribe and retired

The colonel promised to an accused to close his case in return for 3 million rubles.

Aleksandr Soshnikov, the Head of the Investigation with the Directorate of Internal Affairs in the North-West Administrative District of Moscow was detained right in his workplace. The investigation believes that the Colonel promised to an unnamed detainee to alter the preventive measure from custody to a softer one, and then to even close the criminal case. However, the case against Soshnikov was opened under the article Swindling (part 3 Art. 30, part 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). However, he was not going to help the detainee, and having received the bribe of 3 million rubles, wrote a letter of retirement.

According to the Interfax, the transfer of money took place late on September 7. Sochnikov has been sentenced to house arrest.

It should be pointed out that earlier the MIA General Investigative Department in Moscow started reorganization. In particular, late August saw all the investigators from the GSU Division 8 dismissed. Investigators from several other departments that had been running some resonant criminal cases in the Moscow Police have been excluded from the permanent staff.



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