In Vladimir defenders of accused judge may be deprived of lawyer status

In Vladimir defenders of accused judge may be deprived of lawyer status

The Court of Vladimir issued a private ruling to the Federal Chamber of Lawyers to deprive of lawyer status defenders of Anna Khokhlova and bring them to justice. The former judge is being accused of receiving a bribe.

The reason was the refusal of the members of the Moscow Bar Association Igor Spitsyn and German Lukyanov to participate in deliberations. There was no response from the Federal Chamber of Lawyers yet, however, the executive Vice President of the MBA, Andrey Suchkov, said that according to the code of professional ethics, these type of questions should be considered by the Chamber of the Court in which proceedings are held.

The decision to punish lawyers (a refusal to debate is a significant disciplinary act) must also be taken by a regional body, said Suchkov.

However, in this particular case there is a nuance. The defendant (in written form) prohibited lawyers to take part in the debate, creating a precedent. This step was caused by irregularities in the trial, said Khokhlova, lawyers were deprived of the opportunity to call in witnesses and order expert testimony to prove the innocence of the accused.

Therefore, this particular case will be considered by the Qualification Commission of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers. Nikolay Zaitsev, the Prosecutor of Vladimir, on July 19th asked the court to convict Khokhlova to a fine of 2.5 million rubles and 12 years of imprisonment.

The former judge of the Oktyabrsky district court, Anna Khokhlova, is being accused of taking bribes in a large scale and the attempted mediation in bribery.

The defense claims that the former judge was slandered by the lawyer, Irina Mustafina, the second accused in this case, who pleaded guilty and expressed remorse. Mustafina was sentenced to 5 years on probation and a fine of 600 thousand rubles.



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