Main figures showed up in case of "solvers"

Main figures showed up in case of "solvers"
Photo: Life

The Tverskoy court granted the prosecution’s motion by taking into custody for one month two businessmen originated from Central Asia, who were charged with organizing illegal migration.

Nizami Usubov and Hudadat Rubinov were arrested by the court for thirty days, in regards to the case that was initiated back in 2013. The defendants categorically deny their guilt, whereas the investigation accuse them oforganizing den for illegal workers from Asia on the territory of the publishing house Izvestia.

Previously, the main suspects in the case were Jean Rafalov and his brother. For the termination of this case the investigators, Vladimir Andrievsky and Victor Shirtikov, received 2 million rubles from a mediator Roman Manashirov.

The source of Life said that during the recent questioning of the former investigator, Victor Rubashkin, the suspect admitted pulling them out of the case on purpose. Yusubov and Rubinov were detained in Moscow, there were searches carried out at their homes. The third suspect, Syrian citizen, managed to escape to his motherland.



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