In St. Petersburg police Colonel caught taking bribe from apartment scammer

In St. Petersburg police Colonel caught taking bribe from apartment scammer

The Federal Security Service arrested Colonel Valeriy Zasypkin when he was getting a third tranche of 500 thousand ruble bribe. The policeman received money from an accused citizen of St. Petersburg suspected of embezzling an apartment of a deceased pensioner. Zasypkin may be involved in a series of scams with real estate belonging to lonely old people.⁠

Federal Security Service officers caught the Deputy Head of police for the protection of public order at the MIA Administration for the Moscow District of St. Petersburg Valery Zasypkin red-handed when he was receiving a bribe. According to the Investigative Committee’s information, the FSB arrested the 47-year-old colonel when he was leaving the apartment of an accused person who is currently under house arrest. At the sight of security officers, Zasypkin tried to throw away an envelope with 500 thousand rubles. According to investigation, it was the third tranche of the bribe; earlier, the colonel had received 100 and 200 thousand rubles from the person accused.

It turned out that the bribe payer was a 59-year-old Barsukov residing on 24 Basseynaya Street. He was detained in 2015 on suspicion of apartment scam, when he tried to register an apartment of a deceased pensioner in his own name at the notary. All this time he has been under house arrest.

The Colonel promised to offset Barsukov’s lawsuit in exchange for 1.1 million rubles. Zasypkin assured that he would be able to obtain probation for the law breaker. However, investigators believe that the colonel could not influence the course of the criminal investigation so he knowingly lied to Barsukov.

According to Fontanka, quoting sources at law enforcement bodies, Barsukov and Zasypkin are old friends. The news agency believes the law breaker must have had informants among local policemen. Whereas the colonel, as deputy head of the district department, might have been involved in the scam. Journalists also suggest that in the near future, the real-estate scammer or the colonel himself may reveal other accomplices to the investigation. It is noted that in September 2015, the court convicted Colonel Zasypkin’s subordinates, namely a policeman of the 33rd district Karagezov and Burov, who had tried to withdraw one million rubles using a passport and a passbook stolen from an apartment of a deceased 86-year-old woman.

The Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg has initiated a criminal case against Zasypkin for Attempted Swindling (part 3 Art. 30, part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code). The preventive measures and charges against the law breaker are currently being chosen. 



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