In Novorossiysk former Mayor's Office employee sentenced for bribery

In Novorossiysk former Mayor's Office employee sentenced for bribery

The Court found guilty ex-official of the local mayor's office of accepting a large bribe In Novorossiysk

The court considered evidence against Denis Zinoviev as sufficient. It was gathered by employees of the Investigation Department of the Regional Investigative Committee on the case of bribery. The former chief specialist of the municipal administration monitoring in Novorossiysk was found guilty of Bribe-Taking and subsequent unlawful inaction (p. 5 of art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code).

According to the Investigative Committee, during investigation and subsequent trial it was established that in September last year, Denis Zinoviev during the security examination has revealed the fact of illegal construction of two-storey buildings in a remote area of ​​Kamchatka. He knew that the administration did not give permission for the construction.

It should also be noted that this land was meant for private household. In a conversation with the owner the official said that the house was built illegally and must be demolished. At the same time, Denis Zinoviev stressed that he could not take the necessary measures if the owner will pay him 200 thousand rubles. The man agreed to this proposal, and then reported to the police about the incident.

On October 27th, 2015 the man for the second time met with the official from the city administration and gave him the agreed amount of money. Immediately after receiving a bribe Denis Zinoviev was arrested red-handed by law enforcement officials.

The court sentenced the former official to 7 years in a penal colony and a fine of 12 million rubles. In addition, by the court's decision, Denis Zinoviev for 3 years will not be allowed to work in municipal and public service.



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