In Kuzbass businessman got convicted for bribe to tax inspector

In Kuzbass businessman got convicted for bribe to tax inspector

In the Kemerovo region the case filed against a local businessman who tried to bribe the tax inspector.

According to the press service of the regional Investigative Committee, a criminal case was instituted against the CEOof one of the JSC. A man is accused of bribing an official (point. "b" part. 4 art. 291 of the Russian Criminal Code). At present, the investigating authorities have collected sufficient evidence against the suspect in the crime he has committed, a criminal case was sent to court for consideration.

According to the investigation materials, the businessman declared misleading information about the company,which was uncovered during the tax audit. In order to "bury" the case, he decided to make a deal with the deputy head of the tax inspection, and offered him as a reward for the "service" 15% of the amount stated in the declaration of recoverable VAT.

The Investigative Committee noted that the amount stated in the documents, exceeded 1.6 mln rubles. That said, the company's CEO offered the payment to tax official in the amount of 243 thousand rubles.

After the received proposala deputy chief of Tax Inspection reached out to the department of Federal Security Service of Russia in Kemerovo region and reported that he was being bribed. Further arrest operation of the briber was well-planned by law enforcers and tax officer. The man was detained right after he transferred 40 thousand rubles to the account of a civil servant.

During the investigation businessman did his best in slowing down law enforcement agency and postponing the it's final results. Nevertheless, the investigation team has done a great job and proved his guilt.

Witnesses were questioned, forensic examinations were done,even linguistic analysis.

Currently, the case has been handed over to the court for further consideration.



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