Deputy of Legislative Assembly is gone to trial for real estate fraud In Karelia

Deputy of Legislative Assembly is gone to trial for real estate fraud In Karelia

The deputy of the Legislative Assembly was accused of a real estate fraud in Karelia.

According to the press service of the Prosecutor’s office in Republic of Karelia, the investigating authorities have completed a criminal case against the deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly. A woman charged with fraud. The criminal case was inititated against the official under P. 3 Art. 159.2 of the Russian Criminal Code ( "Fraud in obtaining benefits, i.e. theft of funds, established by the law, by providing false and inaccurate information, committed by a person using his rank").

The Investigative Committee of the Karelia Republic added that during the investigation their employees have established the following: the member of the local Legislative Assembly, during the period from 2014 to 2015 used the right to reimburse rental costs and concluded the contract with a resident of Petrozavodsk to rent his apartment. Thus, she specified in the fake document that the monthly rent is 35 thousand rubles. Also, a woman made up fake receipts, confirming that the landlord received money monthly from her for the rent of the apartment.

Then she filed an application to the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia for reimbursement. While submitting an application she provided forged documents as a confirmation of payments. Thereafter, the total sum of 385 000 rubles was transferred to the official's bank account.

The Prosecutor's office emphasized that her actions caused a significant damage to the budget of the Legislative Assembly of the Karelia Republic. During the investigation, the defendant fully paid damages to the public authority.

At the moment, the investigation had gathered enough evidence to support the official's guilt in the crime. The indictment has been confirmed. In the nearest future the criminal case will be presented to the court for further considerations.



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