In enemies’ ring: Vladimir region Governor explains arrest of her Deputy by conspiracy against herself 

In enemies’ ring: Vladimir region Governor explains arrest of her Deputy by conspiracy against herself
Vladimir region Governor Svetlana Orlova

The place of gathering of ‘conspirators’, as Orlova hinted, was the apartment of the Chairman of the Vladimirsky Regional Court.

The Governor of the Vladimir region, Svetlana Orlova, regarded a criminal case against her deputy in her own way – she explained the investigation as attack of certain enemies on her.

On June 4 this year, Elena Mazanko, the Vice-Governor of the Vladimir region for property and land relations, was detained on suspicion of bribe-taking. On June 6 the Moscow Basmanny Court sent her under house arrest. According to the investigation, in 2014 the official received about 3 million rubles ($52.6 thousand) from Kemerovo entrepreneurs who received contracts for the repair of the local administration building and the purchase of furniture.

In addition, another member of Orlova's team, now her former Deputy Dmitry Khvostov, is under investigation since the start of the year. He is suspected of bribe-taking worth 16 million rubles ($280.7 thousand).

According to Orlova, these criminal prosecutions are connected with attacks on her, which stretch back from 2013, when she just appeared in the Vladimir region. The Governor remembered about her accusations of raiding, swindling during the purchase of the tourist complex in Suzdal, suspicions of involvement in the death of a major businessman, inspections against her son, which, however, did not become the reason for criminal prosecution of the official.

According to local Zebra TV channel, Orlova said that plans to remove her from the governor's post are being discussed "in Malyshkin's apartment" (the channel assumes that the Chairman of the Vladimirsky Regional Court may be meant, but Orlova herself did not specify who exactly she had in mind by this surname).

Orlova added that one of the ways to discredit her are anonymous letters. "They asked even Motorola (maybe it is a militant killed on Donbas – The CrimeRussia’s note) to write to Vladimir Vladimirovich what a corruption I am", the Governor noted.

Orlova calls the reason for bullying her her work to curb corruption flows, "which went not to the budget and not to people, which were from the budget and from people". Thus, her ‘enemies’ just want to remove Orlova from office so that she does not interfere with them. She noted that she knew the specific customers of the attack on her, but she could not specify their names.

She expressed dissatisfaction about the too lenient verdict to the former Head of municipal enterprise Vladstroyzakazchik, Anton Aruchidi. According to her, despite the proven multi-million dollar fraud, the court gave the criminal a suspended sentence. As a result of the illegal alienation of three land plots, Aruchidi caused damage to the city budget of about 15 million rubles ($263.2 thousand). When trying to illegally seize a land plot worth over 58 million rubles ($1m), he was detained by police officers.

Orlova calls the detention of her subordinate and friend Mazanko provocation: "She did not take any bribes. I brought order in everything concerning gas, heat, water, electricity", the Governor highlighted.

Despite all the blows, Orlova promised to go further and work "in the name and for good of the Vladimir region". "I put things in order and am putting, and I'm not afraid of it, and no actions will stop me", she promised.

Svetlana Orlova was appointed interim Governor of the Vladimir region in the spring of 2013. In the autumn of the same year she won the gubernatorial election, receiving about 75% of the votes. Along with her Elena Mazanko also moved to the region, where she began to manage the department of property and land relations. In November 2016 the Governor freed her from the duties of the Head of the department, retaining her post of Vice-Governor.

Prior to this Orlova was Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council.



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