ICR: Saratov region minister causes $526k damage to the state

ICR: Saratov region minister causes $526k damage to the state
Dmitry Sokolov

The official closed three forestry enterprises to write off their debts and re-register the property with newly created state organizations.

Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Saratov region Dmitry Sokolov is suspected of Abuse of Official Powers, which caused 35-million-ruble ($526,957) damage to the state. The official artificially created conditions for the closure of three forestry enterprises in the region to save them from repaying of credit debts. This is reported by the ICR Investigations Directorate and the MIA General Administration in the Saratov region.

According to the investigation, Sokolov re-registered the property of the liquidated forestry enterprises with the state organizations created to replace them, and the entire staff that had been dismissed was transferred there. FSB and MIA officers exposed the scheme.

Earlier, law enforcers had initiated a criminal case against Minister of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region Andrey Kulikov, who was suspected of document forgery and illegal provision of municipal land for construction in Engels. On Friday, December 7, Kulikov “voluntarily” left his post, according to the regional publication Obshchestvennoe Mnenie.


Andrey Kulikov



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