ICR General Nikandrov complained of hunger in jail

ICR General Nikandrov complained of hunger in jail
Denis Nikandrov

The Lefortovo court of Moscow is now to decide whether to remand Moscow MID ICR First Deputy Head Denis Nikandrov, suspected of receiving a large bribe from people of kingpin Shakro Molodoy.

As Ren TV reported, after the court hearing, Nikandrov complained to reporters that he was not fed for 10 hours, which he regarded as torture.

According Nikandrov, because of hunger he had a headache and he could not fully protect his rights in court. Earlier, General Nikandrov complained to human rights defenders on the sharply deteriorating of eyesight that "did not allow him to learn case materials."

TASS noted that the investigation seeks to extend the term of Nikandrov's detention for three months. Earlier, the court extended the detention for up to 19 March for two other persons involved in cases of bribery by Shakro Molodoy - high-ranking ICR officers Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonov.



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