“I need ten to settle the matter”: FSB officer arrested for bribe from Rublyovka

“I need ten to settle the matter”: FSB officer arrested for bribe from Rublyovka
Photo: Rosbalt

Certain details have become known about the arrest of FSB officer Dmitry Kolesnikov, who was considered a ‘fixer’ in the Odintsovo district.⁠

The Moscow Garrison Military Court has arrested FSB officer Dmitry Kolesnikov, who used to supervise the work of the Odintsovo special services department, Rosbalt reports. He is accused of receiving a large bribe from a business owner on Rublyovskoe Highway. In exchange of 10 million rubles ($171 thousand), Kolesnikov promised to help stop the company's inspection by the FSB and repayment of a debt in the amount of 72 million rubles ($1.23 million).

According to the investigation, in the summer of 2017, a co-owner and director general of some company turned to Kolesnikov, who was known as a "specialist in solving problems of entrepreneurs from Rublyovskoe Highway." The businessman complained about the audit of his company’s economic activities by the Odintsovo department of the FSB, as well as about a joint-stock company, which owed the company 72 million rubles and refused to pay.

During interrogations on the case, the businessman stated that he had met Kolesnikov several times. According to him, he assumed that Kolesnikov's position could help solve the company's problems.

One of the meetings took place on June 13, 2017 outside the Odintsovo administration in the Moscow region. Kolesnikov left the building and briefly told the businessman "I need ten to settle the matter," meaning 10 million rubles. For this money, Kolesnikov was allegedly ready to assist both in the termination of the inspection and in returning of the debt.

The entrepreneur promised to think about the offer, and went to the law enforcement agencies instead. During further meetings Kolesnikov agreed to reduce the required amount to 9 million rubles ($154.6 thousand).

Kolesnikov was detained when receiving money. He was charged under articles 30 and 290 of the Russian Criminal Code (Complicity in Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale). The ICR Military Investigation Department asked the court to arrest the security officer.

Kolesnikov’s defense asked the court to sentence him to a punishment not related to deprivation of liberty, referring to the fact that he has two minor children and suffers from various diseases. The lawyers also noted that Kolesnikov had a clean record while working in the FSB. However, the military prosecutor thought that while at large, Kolesnikov could hinder the investigation of the case or warn possible accomplices about it, helping them escape. As a result, the Moscow Garrison Military Court decided to arrest him. Kolesnikov then appealed to the Moscow District Military Court, but it upheld this decision. 



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