“I know who set me up,” Dmitry Zakharchenko said

“I know who set me up,” Dmitry Zakharchenko said

Dmitry Zakharchenko gives a quick interview explaining his view of the situation.

The case of Dmitry Zakharchenko, the Deputy Head of the Department T of General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, is being constantly updated on the daily basis. He was taken into custody 2 months ago according to the Moscow City Court ruling in regard to allegation under 3 articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. However, it is only now that we are able to see the case from the convict’s prospective due to him having being put into a pre-trial detention center. Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper managed to interview Mr Zakharchenko (by sending him the questions and receiving his written answers) and ask him what he thinks of the situation.

Dmitry said he is ok and is full of energy, ready to defend himself. He does sports and push-ups, too, according to Aleksandr Lebedevich, his attorney at law.

Dmitry Zakharchenko still insists he is innocent. He claims the money found were not his. Moreover, he says they were not even found in his apartment or his car. The colonel dismissed accusations of having taken the bribe and stated he has always being interested in his career above income.

He knows who might have spied on him and been interested in his arrest since he is a field officer himself, according to Mr Zakharchenko. He is ready to collaborate with the investigators, too. In such a case, Dmitry will share what he knows on September 22 at the upcoming Moscow City Court hearing where his attorneys at law will appeal him having been searched and arrested.

“All the allegations I was arrested on are false and were made in order to remove me from the office. This all started when I became the Head of the Department T of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. It seems as if my rise was pre-planned,” said Dmitry.

Moreover, he denies having a family business with his sister and father as proposed by some investigators. The colonel claims he meets his step-sister once every year and a half and does not know about her job. So, he does not know where the money found in her apartment came from. He also claims he does not have a joint business with his father, a bank worker.

Let us recall, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Zakharchenko and his father being the main people behind cashing out and transferring abroad funds of banks in trouble, according to investigators. This was a major business, too. At least 10 financial establishments commanded the services of the family business, including the Nota-Bank. Its management was arrested on the allegation of stealing 26 billion rubles.

This is yet another accusation Dmitry denies, saying he has nothing to do with the Nota-Bank.

He also denies taking a bribe on December 25, 2015. He pointed out the investigators did not even specify the briber. This makes it possible to just use a straw person later on. He also claims absence of the briber is an evidence for the case being bogus.

Mr Zakharchenko also emphasized he may be in jeopardy.

The Colonel’s family also thinks he is innocent.

“My son is innocent, they set him up,” says Valentina Zakharchenko


Dmitry Zakharchenko is innocent and was set up, says Valentina Zakharchenko, the mother of the Deputy Head of the Department T, accordind to Life.ru website.

She said she had been at the apartment where the money were found and did not see them.

The family of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation colonel arrested on the Presnensky District court order left Moscow upon first notice of the situation, according to earlier reports.

Dmitry Zakharchenko’s family is also connected to the investigation as witnesses.

The family is most likely to have known about their breadwinner’s illegal activities, judging from them all not being employed yet possessing elite Moscow real estate and luxurious cars. Dmitry’s yearly income in the position of the Deputy Head of the Department T of General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation amounted to no more than 3 million rubles a year.

Zakharchenko’s family members are all unemployed yet they all own elite Moscow real estate (worth 200 to 300 million rubles per apartment). This includes his 8 y. o. daughter who owns a 5-rooms apartment with the total area of 180 m2 in the Impersky Dom elite apartment complex located in the Yakimanka District.

The Colonel’s mother owns an apartment in the Shuvalovsky apartment complex located on Michurinsky Avenue where Dmitry used to live.

Irina Zakharchenko, the Colonel’s stepsister, owns the 85-million-ruble apartment in the Dominion apartment complex located on the Lomonosovsky Avenue where the money was found. She also owns a 9-million-ruble Mercedes GLS500, Lexus GX460 worth 5 million rubles, and a Hyundai car.

63 y. o. Viktor Zakharchenko owns a 4-million-ruble Mercedes-Benz ML 400 4MATIC. Marina S., Dmitry’s ex-wife, owns a Mercedes-Benz ML 400 4MATIC and a Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Two cars are worth 8 million rubles together.

The Colonel’s immediate family will be questioned in the near future. They will have to explain where the money found in the step-sister’s house came from.His immediate family departed to Rostov-on-Don by train after he was put into custody. They all gathered in a luxurious cottage with the total area of 1.500 m2 except for Viktor Zakharchenko, the Colonel’s father.

Viktor is in the Millerovsky District, the Rostov-on-Don region now, since he is divorced from his ex-wife. May we remind you, 63 y. o. Viktor Zakharchenko, the colonel’s father, has 6 bank accounts in the Rothschild Bank and Geneva Branch of the Dresdner Bank. Each account has from 45 to 47 million euros stored on it. The total sum stored amounts about 300 million euros. Moreover, he also owns luxurious Moscow apartments in the Barkli Plaza apartment complex.



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