How Nikandrov and his ICR colleagues hustle

How Nikandrov and his ICR colleagues hustle
Denis Nikandrov

Senior investigators detained for million bribe were confident of their impunity.⁠

The bald impudence, with which acted arrested on charges of corruption, related to the thief in law Shakro Molodoy (Zakhar Kalashov) Denis Nikandrov, Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander Lamonov, was aligned with the fact that they were completely confident in their untouchability. A law enforcement source told this to Rosbalt.

According to it, they have been repeatedly warned about the beginning of FSB’s examination their with respect to them. However, investigators were absolutely sure that they were not in danger.

Rosbalt’s source also told how the department’s work was organized and all these persons were related to each other. The General Directorate of Procedural Control oversees ICR’s cases. Its task is to detect violations, corruption and simple mistakes made by the investigators. But in Main Investigations Directorate of ICR in Moscow this function is performed by the Main Directorate for Inter-departmental Cooperation and Internal Affairs of the Russian Investigative Committee, headed by Mikhail Maksimenko.

According to the agency source, he gave ideas of ​​how it was possible to upsell some criminal cases on money. Firstly, Maksimenko coordinated his actions with Nikandrov and then Drymanov claimed it. As can be seen, the mechanism worked without a hitch - the one, who was supposed to prevent corruption, contributed to its prosperity.

At the same time, Drymanov retained his post. And appeared in some media information about his retirement is not true.

By the way, after the detention of ICR officers, it was reported that Nikandrov, Maksimenko and Lamonov tried to exert pressure on Drymanov.

The Head of the Investigative Agency of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in Moscow Alexey Kramarenko,and also an investigator of this Department Andrey Bychkov preserve their offices. Recall that it was Bychkov, who conducted the case of Shakro Molodoy’s right hand Andrey Kochuikov, nicknamed the Italian. For his release the thief in law paid Nikandrov 1 million dollars. The subordinate of Nikandrov, the investigator Bychkov, granted the request of his superiors and simply forgot to extend the arrest of Italian. Moreover, he tried every possible way to prevent the examination of the Prosecutor's Office, whose representatives arrived in the ICR on the same day (14 June 2016).

Later, during interrogation of Kramarenko and Bychkov, as reported by Rosbalt, they pointed out that they just carried out orders of their chief - Denis Nikandrov. As a result, both officers of the Investigative Agency are named in a case as witnesses and continue to work.



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