How Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Loginov disburses 'garbage' billions 

How Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Loginov disburses 'garbage' billions
The best king for 'garbage' throne Photo: The CrimeRussia

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Vladimir Loginov oversees the garbage reform and is forced to observe the spending of huge sums on this hopeless event. Nature is alien to the Deputy Minister. Therefore, Loginov also wanted to participate in the cash disbursement. He has a similar experience, and new ideas are going on.

Big blockage 

Just the other day, Vladimir Loginov reduced the territory of the Big Arctic Reserve, legitimizing coal mining in Meduza Bay. The reserve has been lowered in the interests of Dmitry Bosov and Alexander Isaev, the Vostokugol company. The decision was made precisely at the moment when Vladimir Loginov took the post of Minister of Natural Resources out of the vacation of Dmitry Kobylkin. The modest prefix "acting" allows him to remain in the shadow. Loginov prefers to 'shine' with environmentally friendly initiatives.


Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Vladimir Loginov

Loginov approved pollution of the Arctic with one hand while fighting a garbage crisis throughout the country. “It is impossible to move the waste management reform further only at the expense of the population,” the Deputy Minister said, suggesting that business invests. Loginov took advantage of the idea: to oblige companies to utilize all packaging and failed devices, from paper containers and tires to industrial equipment. Companies that do not want to clean up must pay an environmental tax.

The collection exists today, but from 5 to 35% of the packaging is subject to mandatory disposal - the figures are incredibly distressing to the Deputy Minister of Ecology. Loginov suggests covering all 100% of the packaging materials with an eco fee. If now the budget collects 2.2 billion rubles, the Ministry of Natural Resources will earn 136 billion rubles annually. Note that the number of payers will triple. The Ministry wants to increase the rate of environmental tax radically.

Not only garbage reform but also prices would rise. Vladimir Loginov delicately holds back that the environmental fee that the business pays will immediately be reflected in the sales receipts of the population. That is, we will move on the same traction as before.

Large-scale garbage reform across the country is also being carried out at the expense of the population. Construction of incinerators with dubious filtering of toxic substances is carried out by private companies. But the construction and raw materials (garbage, which will then be recycled) are renumerated by ordinary people through new higher tariffs.


Head of RT-Invest Andrey Shipelov

Among the primary beneficiaries of the garbage reform, there is businessman Andrey Shipelov, the owner of RT-Invest, which is traditionally considered the Rostec structure. However, the state corporation owns only a quarter of this company; the remaining 75% is owned by Tsaritsyn Capital, owned by Shipelov.

The formal proximity to the state corporation allows Shipelov to build waste incineration plants in the suburbs and Kazan, despite violent protests by residents and numerous questions about the plant projects. One of the main issues is the financial one. According to experts, the construction of each plant will cost 150 billion rubles. Four plants will be built in Moscow. Andrey Shipelov admits that he owes much to his friends, including Igor Rotenberg.

Игорь Ротенберг

Igor Rotenberg

Other significant players in the trash market, the Khartiya company of Igor Chaika, Roman Abramovich, Gennady Timchenko and Sergey Chemezov, have the same foundation for success. The total size of their garbage disposal contracts in Moscow exceeded 145 billion rubles. Companies are focused on ongoing expansion in the regions.

Envy Tax

Loginov is a stranger to the ideas of conservation of nature. The name of Vladimir Loginov is persistently associated with the GazEnergoStroy company under the leadership of Sergey Chernin. Chernin is known for having penetrated the Ecology Commission of the Public Chamber, hiding behind a fake degree, and lobbied for the GazEnergoStroy - Environmental Technologies

Сергей Чернин

Head of GazEnergoStroy Sergey Chernin

The company received 7.2 billion rubles of reclamation contracts for accumulated environmental damage in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The methods by which reclamation was carried out caused criticism from environmentalists.


A document indirectly confirming the lack of a degree from Sergey Chernin  

Now, GazEnergoStroy’s business has a new milestone - the company will be engaged in waste management at the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill for 6 billion rubles. But what about Vladimir Loginov? By pure chance, he oversees the program "Preservation of Lake Baikal." Loginov also heads Management of the Baikal Natural Territory in the Ministry of Natural Resources. So, the regulatory authorities will not audit GazEnergoStroy about disposal methods. Moreover, the company has only one favorite way - thermolysis (burning at high temperatures).

GazEnergoStroy also tried to get a tender for the restoration of the city landfill in Chelyabinsk, but RosRAO reached 4 billion rubles. It's a shame when you oversee multibillion-dollar flows, but they still go to others. Loginov decided to take revenge on all businessmen of the country at once and earn extra money. How can the Deputy Minister get rich in taxes? The specific mechanisms for the disappearance of cash are vague.

The Audit Chamber has already missed 1847.8 million rubles, which the Ministry of Natural Resources should have allocated for co-financing the Federal Target Program Baikal. Loginov blamed the government of Buryatia for everything, but the department did not seem to believe. An official audit has been conducted with regard to the Deputy Minister. It ended with the vacation of Dmitry Kobylkin. Minister of Ecology Vladimir Loginov also did not sit idly; he made historical decisions. Loginov ordered to find out who initiated the audit against him, got all the materials of the examination, and immediately closed it. By the way, Kobylkin’s vacation was one-day, but the quick Deputy did everything.


Statement of Acting Minister of Natural Resources Loginov regarding himself

Sugar Terror

Authorities tried to check Loginov before. Back in 1995, Vladimir Loginov was far from public service, but close to a sweet life. He headed the Russian Sugar Corporation and received $100 million from the Ministry of Finance for the supply of sugar for military personnel. The first Chechen campaign was already underway, and not only ordinary soldiers, but also colonels and generals left without sweets.

Investigators from the Prosecutor General’s Office checked general complaints but did not find $100 million, or at least sugar for the indicated amount. They found only 200 thousand dollars - they fell into the account of the Fund for the Public Protection of Civil Rights. The fund belonged to the then Minister of Justice Valentin Kovalev. While the investigators unsuccessfully figured out the ties between Loginov and Kovalev, Loginov successfully got rid of business partners and even competitors. In 1996, Rossakhar company head Dmitry Efanov survived an attempt.

Валентин Ковалев

Former Minister of Justice Valentin Kovalev

In the same year, Rossakhar co-owner Alexander Ganykin's car was blown up. Justice Minister Kovalev drove into his house in the suburbs of Moscow worth 600 thousand dollars shortly after the murder. Seven years later, Viktor Ilyukhin, the deputy chairman of the State Duma’s committee on security, read out a letter from Ganykin who, shortly before his death, called Loginov the mastermind of his murder. Ganykin’s words about the shooting, alas, turned out to be prophetic, but law enforcement agencies were not interested.

Whether the fund of the Minister of Justice worked so well, or sugar millions were transferred to individual accounts, but the rights of Kovalev and Loginov were reliably protected: the first got a suspended sentence, and the second got the post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture. The current Deputy Prime Minister, Alexey Gordeev, became the Minister. Since then, Gordeev and Loginov have been friends. However, despite the high patronage, Loginov did not go well with agriculture. He was interested in highly profitable products.

Impure alcohol

As a result, Loginov became the head of the state-owned enterprise Soyuzplodoimport, which functions are similar to the current Rosalkogolregulirovanie. The principal capital of Soyuzplodoimport was the copyright for the alcohol brands Moskovskaya, Stolichnaya, cognac Moskovsky, etc. All this intellectual capital was already pledged to vodka king Yuri Scheffler. The lawsuits of Soyuzplodoimport and Scheffler turned out to be complicated than the previous bathhouse negotiations with the Minister of Justice.

Even in Russian courts, Loginov won the right to trademarks with difficulty. Scheffler moved the business to the Baltic states. Foreign courts proved to be too harsh for Loginov. Thus, Russia lost both the brands, and the unique technology of vodka production, and the multi-billion taxes that Scheffler paid to the budget. But Soyuzplodoimport had at its disposal food brands Cod Liver, Sprats, Saira and many others. Accounts Chamber had claims against Vladimir Loginov, accusing him of ineffective management.


Vodka King Yuri Scheffler

Loginov was neatly and gently exiled to Voronezh - under the wing of Governor Gordeev. He led the Agency for Innovation and Development of the Region. Loginov, contrary to expectations, took the appointment seriously. The tread of the future Deputy Minister of Natural Resources was already predicted in 2010 when he patronized Iskander Makhmudov, who was engaged in the development of nickel deposits in the Novokhopersky district in the regional development program, and then announced a tender for the development of deposits. The competition was made for the victory of the Makhmudov's UMMC.

Искандер Махмудов

Iskander Makhmudov

Subsequently, Makhmudov had problems due to Nornickel interest in the same fields, but the merits of Gordeev and Loginov were not forgotten. Now Loginov is the Deputy Minister and desires the throne. He is the best candidate for the garbage throne.'

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