House as a bribe

House as a bribe
The criminal case against the bureaucrat has already been referred to the court

For the bribe, the engineer turned a blind eye to the violations in the construction of the perinatal center.⁠

The engineer of the department of capital construction in the Stavropol region was accused of taking bribes in the form of house from a construction company. For such a generous 'gift' the official promised not to report on the violations disclosed during the construction of the perinatal center by the contractor.

According to the investigation, in February 2015 the Ministry of Construction and Architecture in the Stavropol Territory concluded a contract with the company for contract work in the perinatal center. The defendant controlled the construction site, and, having identified violations, demanded a bribe in the form of property (it was not specified) for non-disclosure and the construction of the house for her. Having received the desired, the official signed acts on the acceptance of the work performed and concealed the violations discovered by her. The Investigative Committee estimated the bribe received in excess of 1.1 million rubles ($19.600).

The engineer is charged part 6 of Art. 290 (Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale) and part 1 of Art. 174.1 of the Criminal Code (Legalization Of Property Acquired as a Result of Committing a Crime). The criminal case has already been submitted to the court for examination on the merits.



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