Hospital No.62 Chief Physician fired for criticizing public officials loses reinstatement lawsuit

Hospital No.62 Chief Physician fired for criticizing public officials loses reinstatement lawsuit
Anatoly Makhson, former Hospital No.62 Chief Physician

The Krasnogorsk City Court dismissed former Hospital No. 62 Chief Physician Anatoly Makhson’s action against the Moscow Health Care Department. Makhson criticized the Department officials for irrational spending of money allocated for drug procurement. That is why he was dismissed.

Makhson demanded reinstatement, according to the RBK Informational Agency. The Department infringed the procedure for termination of employment contracts, he argued.

The procedure was infringed since he did not receive a termination notice, Makhson said. He should have been issued such a notice no less than 3 days before termination of his employment contract. However, the employer sent an order for termination of his employment contracts only 3 weeks upon expiry of the deadline. Makhson claimed no one notified him.

Moreover, he also claimed there are evidences of his employer having blatantly violated the law when dismissing him.

However, the Court rejected Makhson’s arguments. He is going to appeal the decision in another court and is ready to file a lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

May we remind you that Anatoly Makhson was dismissed after he got into a scrap with the Department and Deputy Mayor for Social Development Leonid Pechatnikov. Makhson accused public officials of irrational drug procurement policies. He filed a complaint to the FSB, Prosecutor General’s Office, and Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation about medications being overpriced in Moscow.

He claimed the Department overpaid 218 million rubles for medications and medical equipment when comparing procurement prices of the Department and the hospital he ran, among other things. The police are examining the Department’s procurement activities following Makhson’s complaint, as pointed out by RBK.

Being dismissed is not the only thing Makhson holds against the Department. He also opposes a decision to reclassify the Hospital No. 62 from an autonomous hospital to a public one. Being an autonomous hospital allowed it to spend its earnings on procurement of necessary medications the Department could not provide, Makhson pointed out.



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