High ranking anti-corruption officer owns undeclared 200-million-ruble apartment

High ranking anti-corruption officer owns undeclared 200-million-ruble apartment
Vladimir Regnatsky

The cost of the apartment is Vladimir Regnatsky’s 40 annual salaries.

The Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) headed by Alexey Navalny has found an apartment with an area of ​​146 square meters worth 200 million rubles that belonged to Vladimir Regnatsky, the Moscow head of the Security and Anti-Corruption Department.

The apartment is in Cooper House, the Club Apartment Building with 20 apartments, on Ostozhenka Street. According to FBK, Regnatsky bought the place when he was only a military commissar. The apartment is estimated as Vladimir Regnatsky’s 40 annual salaries

According to an extract from the registry, which was published by FBK, Regnatsky bought the apartment from the Moscow authorities.

“We (and you) have seen similar extracts in our investigations fifty times before. “Buying” from Moscow is a form of donation, a housing subsidy. The city takes real estate from its balance sheet and gives it to officials. This is typically done for a symbolic amount, while the market value of the apartment is 200 million rubles. This is Regnatsky’s salary (and his highest one) for 40 years,” the material says.

Regnatsky’s declaration does not feature the apartment, since he registered it with his 74-year-old mother.

“The apartment is not in the official’s ownership, officially, which is a gross violation of anti-corruption legislation. Regnatsky got the apartment from the city of Moscow. It was paid for from the budget, that is, it was, in fact, simply taken from OUR taxes and given to Regnatsky,” writes FBK.

The fund noticed Regnatsky’s property since he is dealing with the Moscow rallies. “He coordinates them, negotiates, monitors security. And yes, prohibits them and thereby sanctions force dispersal and arrests,” the authors say.

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