High-profile arrests of Vekselberg’s top managers will change political landscape of regions

High-profile arrests of Vekselberg’s top managers will change political landscape of regions
Victor Vekselberg

The arrests of the CEOs of large businesses can lead to a change of a number of high-ranking officials in the regions.

The arrests of top managers of Vekselberg's companies may lead to a number of resignations in the regions where the oligarch structures worked most actively. According to the experts, the company mostly biased the administration of the Sverdlovsk Region.

According to a source of the edition URA.Ru, now, uncertainty prevails in Vekselberg’s surrounding because of how the further work with the authorities in the regions will develop. For the most part of interaction with the local elite the detainee Evgeny Olkhovik was responsible. For example, in the Sverdlovsk Region, the manager negotiated the purchase of the Koltsovo airport shares, the Board of Director, which he headed. Boris Vainzikher also played an important role in establishing a strong partnership with the authorities of the regions. The other day, he was supposed to be at the opening of a new thermal power station built with the participation of Renova in Yekaterinburg.

As the members of the Sverdlovsk Region have noted, Vekselberg's companies’ activities strongly influenced the region's politics for 20 years, so the loud detention cannot happen unnoticed by the local authorities. The MPs expect thorough checks of the executive power after the elections on 18 September.

The experts believed that the current situation will be of use to Vekselberg’s competitors for their own purposes. In particular, we are talking about the head of the administration of the Sverdlovsk Governor Vladimir Tungusov, who had a conflict with the oligarch because of the privatization of Ekaterinburgenergo.

The other political observers believe that, on the contrary, there are no consequences for the regional authorities because of the company’s problems. The political consultant Eduard Korridorov argues that, while the oligarch’s position is firm, there will be no obstacles for activities of his structures. The expert is supported by the Head of the regional branch of Spravedlivaya Rossiya Party Aleksandr Burkov. He assured that the top management will be replaced, and then, the work will go on as it used to.

A member of the Sverdlovsk Administration did not see any reason for concern. According to him, no change happened in the staffing of the local authorities. The main question that worries the government is the amount of investment in the Sverdlovsk Region. According to the official, the regional elites are hoping that the cash inflow from Vekselberg's companies will continue unabated.

It is to be recalled that on September 5, after the searches in the office of the company Renova on suspicion of giving multimillion bribes to the former management of the Republic of Komi, the Head of the energy holding T Plus Boris Vainzikher and the co-owner of the group of companies Renova Evgene Olkhovik were detained. Another person involved in the case is the CEO of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin, was placed on the wanted list.

As it transpired, at the moment, Slobodin is abroad. Following the reports that he was a person of interest in the criminal case, the businessman resigned from his executive position. The already former director of VimpelCom in the commentary for TASS reported that at the end of the week he will return to Russia and will answer all the questions of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.



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