Head of United Russia in Tver Andrey Petrov loses seat due to concealment of assets

Head of United Russia in Tver Andrey Petrov loses seat due to concealment of assets
Head of the United Russia branch Andrey Petrov

For two years, the Tver Prosecutor's Office kept stating that the deputy chairman of the Tver City Duma, head of the United Russia local branch Andrey Petrov was violating anti-corruption laws. However, up till now he was able to maintain his post.

The third notice of Tver prosecutors turned to be critical for the Tver City Duma member Andrey Petrov, who now has to hands over his mandate. According to Kommersant, citing Chairman of the Committee on Local Government and Regulations Sergey Aksenov, on December 23, the Parliament received a demand from the Prosecutor's Office to eliminate the violation of anti-corruption legislation committed by Head of the United Russia faction Andrey Petrov. On December 28, Petrov voluntarily tendered his resignation. The committee unanimously backed his decision.

The lawmaker will leave his seat at an extraordinary meeting of the City Duma of Tver, scheduled for January 10.

For two consecutive years, the Prosecutor's Office kept finding irregularities in Petrov’s declarations of the deputy and issued three notices. The first claim of the supervisory authority was presented to Andrey Petrov in May 2015. It turned out that the lawmaker had undeclared assets abroad. Another violation was found in November 2016. That time, it was established that the party leader had hidden 120 thousand rubles of his income and 468.9 thousand rubles of his wife's income from rental property. Petrov tried to explain that the money had been transferred to his account by mistake and that they had been intended for his namesake.

With each detected violation the Prosecutor's Office sent notices to Tver Mayor Alexander Korzin, stating that the identified facts could serve as the basis for Petrov's dismissal, in accordance with the federal law on municipal service. At first, however, Andrey Petrov escaped with a reprimand. He managed to retain his position even after charges of concealing income in 2015. According to local media, upon consulting with the special committee — which, as it turned out, was not made public for all the parliament members — Alexander Korzin announced a proposal to deprive Andrey Petrov of his salary (160 thousand rubles). The proposition was approved by 19 members of the City Duma.

Thus Andrey Petrov lost wages, but retained the deputy mandate and the status of the deputy chairman of the Tver City Duma.

The supervisor did not agree with the fact that the United Russia member could remain in a parliament, even without salary. "It's not even a half measure, but a quarter measure," the prosecutor said at the City Duma meeting in early December, explaining that those who commit corruption offenses, including by stating false information about income, should not be allowed to occupy seats in the parliament.

Andrey Petrov was elected to the Tver City Duma in 2012 on single-mandate constituency. His mandate will be free until the September election. With the departure of Andrey Petrov, only Deputy Chairman of the City Duma of Tver will be Vadim Rybachuk.



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