Head of Trans-Baikal judo federation turned out to mediate on bribery to deputy mayors of Chita 

Head of Trans-Baikal judo federation turned out to mediate on bribery to deputy mayors of Chita
Detention of Anatoly Kulikov suspected of taking bribes

The victim in the cases of former employees of the City Hall and the Chita entrepreneurs is the director of a construction company, who has suffered at the hands of corrupt officials and the extortionists-businessmen.

The head of Trans-Baikal Territory Judo Federation, businessman Mikhail Mikhailov, arrested on suspicion of extortion, is also accused of complicity in giving a bribe to the former Deputy Mayors of Chita Anatoly Kulikov and Lyubov Kleynos. This was told to Chita.ru by a source in the court system.

According to the investigators, Mikhailov helped the former officials in 2006 to get the bribe. As the bribe the construction firm director Yuri Shalikov offered Kulikov and Kleynos a room, which was worth about 4 million rubles. For such a reward the former deputies of the City Hall issued a permit for the construction and putting into operation of shopping center Panorama. In addition to Mikhailov, who, at that time, was the main investor in construction of a shopping center, an accomplice in bribery was the construction superintendent Balyberdin. It is to be noted that in addition to this, Kulikov is accused in two episodes of bribes from businessmen.

The ICR Investigative Directorate in the Region, in 2014, charged the former employees of the Chita City Hall with receiving a large bribe and abuse of office. However, the Court has already 38 times postponed the consideration of the criminal case for various reasons.

Earlier, the CrimeRussia reported that the head of the Trans-Baikal Region Judo Federation, the former co-owner of the shop Temp Mikhail Mikhailov, the ex-Head of the regional Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve Arkady Deryabin, the ex-CEO of the company Trans-Baikal souvenirs Vladimir Sekerzhitsky and A. Saraev were arrested on suspicion of extortion (part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code).

Михаил Михайлов

The investigators believe that the leader of the criminal group, the 61-year-old businessman Mikhailov, signed a shared construction participation agreement with the developer for the construction of two luxury apartments. Upon completion, the ownership of the property has been registered to a straw person, while the businessman did not pay the construction company nearly 7 million rubles. In 2011, the director of the company, the same Yuri Shalikov, who is the victim in the corruption case of the former officials, reminded Mikhailov of his debt. However, Shalikov was threatened with firearms and forced to resign his claims.

The MIA officers are working on other episodes of possible fraud and extortion, in which the OCG members could have participated.



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