Head of Tatarstan orphanage vacationed in Thailand for children's money

Head of Tatarstan orphanage vacationed in Thailand for children's money

Trial of 50-year-old Director of Elabuga orphanage Elena Gyrdymova, who embezzled over 2.1 million rubles (36 thousand dollars), begins in Tatarstan.

The woman is accused of a series of financial crimes, including embezzlement of money allocated by the regional ministry of education and science, and the money that sponsorship companies provided to orphans. The total amount of damage exceeds 2.1 million rubles (36 thousand dollars). It is noteworthy that Gyrdymova stubbornly denies her guilt and claims to have been slandered.

To date, the investigation into her case has been completed, and all materials of the investigation with the approved indictment have been referred to the court of Elabuga for further consideration on the merits.

According to the republic's Investigative Committee, Elena Gyrdymova is accused of abuse of official powers (Art. 285 of the Russian Criminal Code), appropriation (Art. 160), and swindling (Art. 159). 

Law enforcement authorities gathered evidence for more than ten episodes of her criminal activities. It turned out that, the woman would appropriate her subordinates’ bonuses, place ghost employees in a job, appropriate the money of sponsors, intended for the development of talents of the orphanage pupils, and embezzle the money of the Ministry of Education, intended for the organization and conduct of training courses for foster parents.

The investigation has determined that Elena Gyrdymova has a degree in Philology and 12 years of teaching experience. Before heading the oldest orphanage in the republic, she had been a schoolteacher and run her own business. She was appointed to the post of head of the orphanage in March 2011 and started her corruptive activity in 2012 by appropriating her employees’ bonuses. At first, she would ‘allocate’ a high bonus to an employee, and then, in personal conversation in her office, tell the employee he/she needed to give the money back. It is noteworthy that none of the orphanage workers dared to contradict her, as they were afraid of losing their job. Under the estimates of the investigative bodies, Gyrdymova thus appropriated about 800 thousand rubles (14 thousand dollars).

In 2015, she set up a major fraud with the money of the Ministry of Education, which the department had allocated for special training courses for foster parents. In a report for the ministry, the orphanage head specified that 322 families had undergone special training for the role of parents, whereas in reality, she faked carrying out trainings for over 120 families, thus embezzling over 1 million rubles (17 thousand dollars).

In addition, the head of orphanage would appropriate sponsorship donations intended for specific pupils of the orphanage. In particular, last year she took away over 100 thousand rubles allocated by sponsors to three girls for participation in the republican contest Little Princess. She showed fake bills to the charity providers, according to which this money had been used to buy sports equipment, and told the children the contest had been cancelled. The investigation later found out that Gyrdymova had spent the money for her vacation in Thailand.

Law enforcement agencies detained the swindler in September 2016. At the moment, she is under house arrest, and her property has been seized.



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