Head of Sverdlovsk Rosreestr privatizes entire street for his daughter 

Head of Sverdlovsk Rosreestr privatizes entire street for his daughter
Fence around the house on Pikhtovaya Street Photo: Navalny’s campaign office in Yekaterinburg

A house with a strange address “On Pikhtovaya Street” blocked access to the reservoir.

In Yekaterinburg, Mikhail Zatsepin, former head of the regional department of the Federal State Register Service (Rosreestr), privatized Pikhtovaya Street in order to build a house for his daughter Elena. At the same time, a fence around the building blocked access to Pyatygin Lake for the local residents. This is reported by Navalny’s campaign office in Sverdlovsk.


Ex-Head of Rosreestr office in Sverdlovsk Mikhail Zatsepin

Activists have found a house with a strange address without a number: “Yekaterinburg, Pikhtovaya Street.” According to an extract from Rosreestr, the owner of the house — Glushkova Elena Mikhaylovna — is a famous notary and daughter of the ex-head of the local Rosreestr. According to Google.Maps, in 2012, there was Pikhtovaya Street on the site of the land plot with the house.


“Ghost house on Pikhtovaya Street”


The daughter of Rosreestr’s Sverdlovsk office head Mikhail Zatsepin, Elena Glushkova

Representatives of Navalny’s campaign office appealed to the local administration with a request to eliminate the violation of the Water Code, according to which “every citizen has the right to access public water bodies.” They received a response on the dismantling of the barrier, after which “access to the water body was no longer restricted.”


The activists went to the site and saw that there was no wooden fence, but the metal one still blocked the way to the lake. Navalny’s campaign office in Sverdlovsk complained to the prosecutor's office about the negligence and inaction of the city authorities and asked for an inspection.



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