Head of St. Petersburg Rostekhnadzor detained for embezzling $80.9m has $16.2m more 

Head of St. Petersburg Rostekhnadzor detained for embezzling $80.9m has $16.2m more
Grigory Slabikov in court

The Court has arrested Grigory Slabikov, Head of the Northwestern Directorate of Rostekhnadzor, Russia’s industrial safety watchdog, until July 9.

The police found more than 1b rubles in cash when searching Slabikov’s apartment, country cottage, and safe deposit boxes on May 11, Fontanka reports. This does not include the value of found jewelry.

The police found large sums of money (in rubles and foreign currencies) in both Slabikov’s home safes and 15 safe deposit boxes he rented in various banks, the publication noted.

Slabikov was charged with fraud. The Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg arrested him for two months, according to the St. Petersburg Courts Press Service, as quoted by TASS.

Slabikov was charged with violation of article 159, part 4 (Swindling) on May 11. He is suspected of embezzling 4,763,350,000 rubles ($77.1 million), according to the press release. The defendant pleaded partly guilty and asked to place him under house arrest instead of sending him to jail, according to the Court. However, the Court ordered him to jail until July 9.

Grigory Slabikov

Grigory Slabikov

The searches were reported on May 10. The police discovered a lot of cash in various currencies, an expensive watches collection, and jewelry during the searches.


The investigation into large-scale embezzlements was launched back in October 2017. Someone ran a criminal scheme involving self-regulating construction companies in St. Petersburg, according to the police. Money would be taken from compensations funds.

The police have already arrested four people; two others have been put on the international wanted list. Grigory Slabikov’s daughter Elena Slabikova is one of the suspects.

Elena Slabikova

Elena Slabikova

The Court did not order her to jail but extended her detention for 72 hours for her attorneys to have more time to gather necessary documents. The Court will decide what pre-trial restriction to impose on her on May 13.



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