Head of Saratov region district arrested on corruption case 

Head of Saratov region district arrested on corruption case
Oleg Mortov

The Head of the rural settlement administration, who appealed to the FSB, turned out to be the accomplice.

The Head of the Kalininsky district of the Saratov region, Oleg Mortov, and the former Head of the Akhtubinsky rural settlement, Alexander Vasilchikov, are arrested for two months within the bribe case. According to investigators, the arrested received a bribe from a farmer, who got the real estate objects into ownership.

Vasilchikov announced provocations of the FSB officers. According to him, unknown planted money into his car and forced him to transfer it as a bribe to Mortov. Vasilchikov was under pressure, after which the official gave evidence to the camera. Later he met with Mortov in a cafe, and asked for help into carry the bag to the car. The operatives detained the Head of the district, they found 550 thousand rubles in a bag.

The investigating authorities watched a video of Vasilchikov and said they did not believe what was said, since convincing evidence of guilt was gathered. Suspects face up to 12 years in prison.

Judging by the site of the municipal formation Akhtubinskoe, Vasilchikov was dismissed. Tatyana Okonovenko became the acting Head of administration.



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