Head of Rosoboronexport acquires mansion for $ 15,5 million

Head of Rosoboronexport acquires mansion for $ 15,5 million
Alexander Mikheev

The house is registered in the names of Mikheev’s minor grandchildren; the Rotenberg brothers live nearby.

A year after Alexander Mikheev got appointed to the post of head of Rosoboronexport, his son Alexey bought a plot of 36 acres in the elite village of ParkVille Zhukovka, on which a cottage with an area of ​​1204 square meters was built, Sobesednik writes. According to the newspaper, the cost of such a house can reach a billion rubles ($ 15,5 million), which the Mikheevs family could not have accumulated considering their official income. 

A month after the purchase, the cottage was registered in the names of Alexander Mikheev’s underage grandchildren – Anna, Georgy and Diana. By this time, the youngest daughter was not even one year old. 

Alexey Mikheev and his wife Miroslava Duma own an unprofitable company called Ecotechnology. In the recent past, Mikheev also worked as director of the machine tool and investment engineering department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.



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