Head of Roscosmos structural subdivision flees abroad after beginning of audit

Head of Roscosmos structural subdivision flees abroad after beginning of audit
Yury Yaskin

The research institute headed by Yury Yaskin created weapon devices, among other things.

Director General of the Space Device Engineering Research Institute, Yury Yaskin, has resigned remotely, sending his notice from abroad. He left the country (allegedly for a business trip) after an inspection started at the enterprise. This circumstance became the reason for the additional inspection of Yaskin himself, and not by the internal audit service of Roscosmos, but by the central apparatus of the FSB.

The situation surrounding the branch of the United Rocket and Space Corporation, which is part of Roscosmos, is described by Kommersant referring to two top managers of the defense industry enterprises.

The Space Device Engineering Research Institute is one of the key companies in the industry with such a profile. For example, it is responsible for creating ground-based instruments of navigation equipment, capable of determining the location of weapons facilities and military equipment.

Yaskin went on a business trip in mid-April, and when the trip came to an end, Roscosmos received his letter of resignation. The Research Institute has confirmed Yaskin’s resignation, specifying that he left his post on April 17. 

May 13, the new head was introduced to the Space Device Engineering Research Institute team. It is a native of the space industry, Aleksey Shashkov. At the same time, people were assured that, despite personnel changes, “no revolutions in the enterprise were planned.” However, now not only Roscosmos, but also the special services have to figure out what exactly prompted the former head of the Research Institute to flee. Especially after the beginning of the internal audit initiated by Dmitry Rogozin. 

One of Kommersant’s sources suggested that, it appears, Yaskin, who is said to be in Greece, feared that the facts of embezzlement and withdrawal of budget funds would be exposed.

It was previously reported that according to the results of internal inspections by Roscosmos in its branches, the investigating authorities have initiated 14 criminal cases. The issue of problems related to corruption in the space industry was raised at one of the enlarged meetings of the Security Council headed by President Vladimir Putin. 

According to the Kommersant’s source, this incident prompted the authorities to think about changing the Roscosmos recruitment system; it will be based on a rating system, which, for example, is used in Sberbank.



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