Head of Pushkinsky district Zhirkov takes square meters in Balashikha

 Head of Pushkinsky district Zhirkov takes square meters in Balashikha
Evgeny Zhirkov

The official has been indicted.

The prosecution accused a head of Moscow region’s Pushkinsky municipal district Evgeny Zhirkov of taking a bribe on an especially large scale (item 4 of article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to the case, the bribe was taken in 2015 when Zhirkov was a head of an urban district of Balashikha. In particular, it was determined that the official had received a non-residential facility with an area of more than a thousand square meters in an apartment block that was being built from a constructor. In exchange, Zhirkov closed his eyes to the fact that the company had repeatedly shifted facility completion deadlines.

Searches have been carried out in Zhirkov’s and his relatives’ apartments. According to the media office of the regional directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia, items and documents crucial to the investigation have been seized. The prosecution is seeking for Zhirkov’s arrest.

The CrimeRussia reported the information on Zhirkov’s detention by the Federal Security Service had earlier emerged in the media. He was reported to have been accused of taking a bribe and abuse of office. With that, it was allegedly about a 2017 scandal when a video showing a person reminiscent of Zhirkov discussing distribution of kick-backs related to contracts emerged on YouTube. With that, there was money in front of the person on the desk.



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