Head of Public Council of MIA Administration in Kursk region to stand trial for swindling

Head of Public Council of MIA Administration in Kursk region to stand trial for swindling

The former Chairman of the Public Council under the MIA Administration in the Kursk region will stand trial before the court for swindling on a large scale. According to the regional Prosecutor's Office, the prosecution believes the accused had promised his acquaintance to negotiate with the police about termination of a criminal case for several million rubles; after receiving the money, he spend it at his own discretion.

"Indictment in the criminal case against the chairman of the Public Council under the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Kursk region has been approved. The criminal case will be referred to the Leninsky District Court for consideration on the merits", the report says. The man accused of fraud on a large scale and attempted swindling.

According to investigation, September 2013, an owner of one of the Kursk pawnshops learned that a criminal case of swindling had been initiated against him. Knowing that his acquaintance is the Chairman of the Public Council under the Regional MIA Administration, the businessman asked him to help in resolving the issue on the termination of the criminal prosecution.

"Having decided to take possession of the businessman's money, the accused told this issue could only be resolved if he provided a bribe of 2.5 million rubles to officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He convinced the pawnshop owner that if he failed to pay the required amount, the size of bribe might later be increased. After receiving the money, the defendant disposed of it at his own discretion", the Prosecutor's Office reports.

In late January 2014, being assured that "the businessman under investigation trusts him as a person who has ties with the senior officials of the territorial Ministry of Internal Affairs", he once again decided to fraudulently obtain his money. To do this, he tried to convince the entrepreneur of the need to provide additional 2.5 million rubles to the police, insisting that he would not be prosecuted for swindling and embezzlement only under such conditions.

The businessman reported these requirements to the Federal Security Service Directorate in the Kursk region. The Head of the Public Council was detained when receiving part of the money.



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