Head of Omsk Interior Ministry arrested for bribery

Head of Omsk Interior Ministry arrested for bribery
Alexey Lipin

Alexey Lipin rendered a ‘favor’ for 50 thousand rubles.

The Omsk Investigative Committee launched a criminal case against Alexey Lipin, the Head of the Traffic Accidents Investigation Department in the capital of the region, the press service of the Ministry reports.

The investigation believes that Lipin received a bribe in the amount of 50 thousand rubles from a certain person for ‘service’ and general patronage. A criminal case was also initiated against the bribe-giver under the article Bribe-Giving, the ICR administration reported.

The police officer was detained by the FSB. Now the investigation intends to apply for the detention of Lipin.

The Omsk region MIA began an official inspection, as a result of which the Head of the department would most likely be dismissed from the internal affairs bodies and brought to justice. Also his leaders face disciplinary punishments.



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