Head of Moscow Military District Construction Department arrested on charges of $401.900-fraud

Head of Moscow Military District Construction Department arrested on charges of $401.900-fraud
Valery Bolbot in court

According to the investigation, the director general of FSUE leased out Defense Ministry premises with a total area of more than 2 thousand square meters on Khoroshevskoe highway, and siphoned off building rent through one-day firms.

Director general of the FSUE Moscow Military District Construction Department Valery Bolbot was arrested by the Moscow Basmanny Court on charges of an especially large scale fraud until September 10, Kommersant reported.

Valery Bolbot and his defense asked the court for house arrest, as the retired officer is sure that he will not survive in the SIZO. Earlier, he suffered a hypertensive crisis and two attacks of tachycardia, because prisoners smoked in the cell. At the same time, he did not try to hide from the investigation within five months of the initiation of the case, he regularly went to the interrogations and even tried to hand over his passport to law enforcement agencies, but they refused to accept the document.

However, the court decided to imprison Valery Bolbot, since the representative of the Ministry of Defense and the prosecutor supported the petition of the investigation over his arrest.

Employees of the 517th Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia suspect him of Abuse of Official Powers (Article 285 of the Criminal Code).

According to investigators, the head of Moscow Military District Construction Department (RSU) rented the capital premises of the FSUE at Khoroshevskoye Highway 38G, where five buildings with an area of 300, 288, 175, 389 and 838 sq. m. were in the ownership of the Construction Department.

Tenants concluded contracts for the provision of consulting services, maintenance, repair of premises, etc., but not leases. The money was not transferred to the Bolbot's agency, but to the accounts of one-day firms, which were controlled by another criminal Alexander Agibalov. After receiving payment, he cashed this money in and transferred them to Valery Bolbot; the investigation believes the total amount of damage reached 25 million rubles ($401.900).

The arrestee claims that there were no thefts, and the problems of the FSUE are related to the fact that the company lost ties with the military department during the reforms of the Ministry of Defense.

This happened in March 2016, when the Defense Ministry transferred the property to the FSUE Central Administration of Property Relations of the military department. The director of the RSU recognized this decision as unlawful through the Moscow Arbitrazh Court but lost the case in higher instances.



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