Head of Lipetsk colony caught taking bribe from prisoner

Head of Lipetsk colony caught taking bribe from prisoner

In the Lipetsk region, a colony employee has been accused of bribe-taking from a prisoner.

The court found the evidence collected by the regional investigative authorities sufficient to arrive at a guilty verdict for the head of the Correctional Camp FSI no. 2 of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Lipetsk region. After reviewing the evidence provided by investigation, the court found the colony officer guilty of bribe-taking (part. 3 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code).

During the investigation and subsequent trial, experts found that the head of public utilities, quartermaster and economic support of the Correctional Camp no. 2 had received 15 thousand rubles as a bribe from a prisoner. In exchange for the financial "reward", he gave three mobile phones to the latter. However, phone use by inmates is prohibited in the colony.

As noted by the regional ICR, the colony officer fully admitted his guilt as early as during the preliminary investigation. He provided a detailed description of the offense committed.

The court sentenced him to a state fine of 600 thousand rubles and banned from holding certain positions in state institutions for one year.



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