Head of Komi administration suspected of involvement in Gaizer case

Head of Komi administration suspected of involvement in Gaizer case
Photo: Komi-Inform

Head of the Komi Republic Administration Elena Shabarshina may soon leave her post because of possible involvement in the illegal activity within a group of corrupt officials, 19 of which are currently under investigation.

This was reported by the 7x7 online magazine, which cited an anonymous source. The outlet noted that after the former deputy head of the Komi government Konstantin Romadanov and several other defendants in the case had agreed to cooperate with the investigation, Shabarshina also became a person of interest.

Another source told 7x7 that Elena Shabarshina was suspected of receiving unaccredited bonuses in envelopes from the former leadership of the republic. Ex-Prime Minister Vladimir Tukmakov previously did the same thing. For four years, each month he received 100 thousand rubles from his superiors as "a gift." In the end, he was fired due to "loss of confidence."

It is worth noting that two days earlier, following a special decree of Acting Head of the Republic Sergey Gaplikov, Shabarshina was dismissed from her position in the Komi Election Committee.

Gaplikov was also the one who appointed Shabarshina head of his staff in December last year. For 9 years before that, she served as the head of the regional election committee.

As a reminder, the latest defendant in the Gaizer case was indicted this May - the former head of the Komi Chamber of Accounts and Control Mikhail Yevdokimov, who is suspected of taking bribes in the amount of 6 million rubles (art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code).

According to the materials of the case, Yevdokimov followed in the steps of his colleagues, receiving monthly remuneration from deputies of the prime minister, Chernov and Romadanov.



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