Head of Komi administration suspected in bribery resigned

Head of Komi administration suspected in bribery resigned
Elena Shabarshina resigned after the initiation of the criminal case on a large scale bribery

According to the investigation, Elena Shabarshina from 2007 to 2015 received 6 million rubles.

A new person of interest has appeared in the Gayzer case. It is the Head of the Komi administration Elena Shabarshina. On 30 June 2016 the investigating authorities initiated a criminal case against her under p. 6 Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code (large scale bribery), after which Shabarshina resigned. This was reported on the official website of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Republic of Komi.

According to the investigation, from January 2007 to August 2015, Elena Shabarshina, who managed the Electoral Commission of the Republic of Komi in this period, about once a month, received "compensation" for "general patronage and connivance in the service". The official was getting the bribe through Konstantin Romadanov’s intermediaries, who at that time was the Deputy Head of the Komi Republic. According to the calculations of the investigation, in 8 years the suspect had received not less than 6 million rubles.

After the criminal case was initiated, Elena Shabarshina resigned. According to the order signed by the Acting Head of the Komi Republic Sergey Gaplikov, Elena Shabarshina released from office at her own request. The first Deputy Head of the Administration Marina Loginova, managing the state-legal department of Komi will be performing her duties.

Распоряжение Главы Республики Коми от 30 июня 2016 года №194-р

According to the Investigative Committee, during the interrogation, Elena Shabarshina pleaded guilty. Now the pre-trial restriction is being chosen.

It is to be recalled that the Ex-Deputy Head of the Komi Republic Konstantin Romadanov is under arrest for the so-called "Gayzer case", the case of organizing a criminal group and fraud on a large scale. The main accused of the case is the former Head of Komi Vyacheslav Gayzer, who was arrested in September 2015.

Under the Gayzer case of the OCG organization 13 more people were arrested, including the Gayzer’s Deputy Alexey Chernov and the former Senator from the region Yevgeny Samoilov. According to the investigators, the criminal group was created in 2006 with the aim to seize the state property. In 2015, the leader of the group, the former Head of the republic Vyacheslav Gayzer and a group of officials were arrested on charges of organizing a criminal community. This case was the first in the history of Russia, when the governor was declared the leader of the OCG, now the accused are in custody. Gayzer himself did not plead guilty and refused to testify.

The damage from the actions of the group is estimated at 1 billion rubles.



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