Head of kindergarten in Bryansk received 2.5 years in prison for hiring dead souls

Head of kindergarten in Bryansk received 2.5 years in prison for hiring dead souls

In Bryansk, head of a kindergarten and her husband have been condemned for fraud.

According to the ICR Investigation Directorate in Bryansk Region, the court found sufficient evidence gathered by investigators in the criminal case of fraud, and convicted the Head of Bryansk kindergarten No. 121 “Olesya” Lyudmila Sergeeva and her husband Yuriy Tyapichev.

During the investigation and subsequent trial, it was found that the Head of the kindergarten Lyudmila Sergeeva stole about 1.1 million rubles by fraudulent means from the regional and municipal budgets in the period from February 2010 to March 2015. Exploiting the trust of the management, the woman hired dead souls for work in the day-care centre; in reality, employees did not assume their duties, while their salaries were paid. For example, according to the papers, the kindergarten has had a guard for over 4 years. A salary amounting to 375 thousand rubles has been accrued to his name for the entire period. In fact, all the documents in the non-existent employee's name were completed and signed by the kindergarten head's husband, Yuriy Tyapichev. In addition, a junior teacher was listed as an employee for about 4 years; her employment is confirmed by nothing but documents. Her salary accrued for the entire period exceeded 530 thousand rubles. In addition to the non-existent guard and a teacher, the Head employed three more people in the same way. Thus, the bank card, to which the salary of non-existent employees were accrued, was at the disposal of Lyudmila Sergeeva. She spent the money arriving in the account on her personal needs.

During the preliminary investigation, the law enforcement officers arrested the property owned by the accused persons, namely, an apartment in Bryansk and a share in the land title in a horticultural society, including the structure located on the land plot, for ensuring possible penalties and compensation for damage caused by the crime.

During the trial, the woman was found guilty in committing five crimes related to fraud under Part 3 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling committed using official position; two cases of Swindling on a large scale). As to her husband, Yury Tyapichev, who served as guard in the kindergarten, the court found that he was an accomplice in committing one of the offenses.   

The court sentenced Lyudmila Sergeeva to 2.5 years in a penal colony and a fine of 75 thousand rubles. Her husband, Yury Tyapichev received a suspended sentence of 1.5 years in prison.



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