Head of Dagestan Rosavtodor department arrested for 10 days. Defense insists he's innocent

Head of Dagestan Rosavtodor department arrested for 10 days. Defense insists he's innocent
Magomedrasul Omarov

If Magomedrasul Omarov is charged during this period, the preventive measure will automatically be extended to two months.

The Sovetsky District Court of Makhachkala has arrested Magomedrasul Omarov, director of the branch office of the federal highway Kaspiy in Dagestan for 10 days.

According to the prosecutor's office, the head of the branch of the Federal State Institution Uprdor (Directorate for Federal Highways) Kaspiy informed the general director of a certain commercial organization that a bribe of 680 million rubles ($9.7 mln) will affect the cost of the state contract for the construction and reconstruction of the road to the amount of 2.7 billion rubles ($38.6 mln). In December 2017, Omarov, according to the investigation, received 60 million rubles ($860,000) from this amount. Further illegal actions were stopped by law enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, Omarov's lawyers consider his criminal case to be "absurd." In addition, they say that Omarov was detained without a pre-investigation check. There are no grounds for initiating a criminal case against Omarov, according to lawyers.

According to one of the defenders, the contract that is mentioned in the criminal case was concluded by company Nart in August 2017, even before Omarov was appointed to his position in November 2017, and his client could not in any way influence its payment, since the contract was concluded with the head office of Uprdor Kaspiy, which is located in Astrakhan.

However, the Prosecutor's Office believes that Omarov misled the general director of the company about his ability to influence the full and timely payment of state contracts. Therefore, the official was detained on September 4 as part of the criminal investigation into fraud, and his house and office were searched. On September 6, the term of detention of Magomedrasul Omarov was extended by 72 hours.

Recall that a large-scale anti-corruption "clean up" in the region started in the beginning of the year. Such high-ranking officials as acting Chairman of the Government of the Republic Abdusamad Gamidov and his two deputies Shamil Isayev and Rayudin Yusufov were detained.

In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin reported that the fight against corruption "in the interests of the people of Dagestan" will continue. In July searches were carried out in the office and house of Vice-Prime Minister Ramazan Aliev, at the same time, a decree on his dismissal from office was issued.



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