Head of anti corruption branch arrested for $230,000 bribe in Moscow

Head of anti corruption branch arrested for $230,000 bribe in Moscow
Photo: RBC

The investigation theory is that Evgeny Kashmatov demanded money from a representative of a company EMK-Engineering controlled by Yury Kovalchuk’s structures.

Moscow’s Presnensky district court has arrested a chief of the 12th department of of the 4th intelligence division of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of Russia’s MIA in Moscow that supervises combating the corruption in the field of fuel and energy complex, reports RBC. The investigation theory is that 39-year-old Evgeny Kashmatov received money from a representative of a company EMK-Engineering.

During the hearing it was reported that the officer was detained by representatives of ‘M’ directorate of the Federal Security Service in December, 2018 - aling with his alleged accomplices: an employee of the general directorate for personal security of Russia’s MIA Dmitry Ataev and a former police officer Timur Dzusov.

The investigation believes that the partners in crime demanded money for the fact that they helped terminated inspections of the company. Dzusov was detained while receiving the bribe. Then - under the control of the Federal Security Service - he handed on the money to Ataev and Kashmatov.

During the hearing, representative of directorate of investigation of crimes committed by officials of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow stated that, according to the Federal Security Service, Kashmatov has high income, while its source is unknown; he also made reference to Dzusov’s testimonies who had stated that he had noticed surveillance and feared threatens from unknown persons.

Kashmatov’s defense believes that the data of the Federal Security Service on the police officer’s income is lacking in evidence, and Dzusov’s turned out to be in the investigator’s in disposition right before the complaint was supposed to be considered in Moscow city court in order to make the court choose detention in custody (and not home detention) as a measure of restraint.

Presnensky district court arrested Kashmatov in December, however this decision was cancelled by Moscow city court; the case file against the police officer was sent for a new consideration. Then, his measure of restraint was changed to home detention. This decision was appealed by the Prosecution Service. After that, Moscow city court concluded once again that the measure of restraint should be reconsidered. The defence is intent to appeal the decision.

EMK-Engineering web site states that the company deals with construction of “major energetics facilities.” In particular, Central Heating and Power Plants and regional power stations. Among the company’s facilities are construction works for Tyumenenergo, government of Khanty-Mansi region, Uzbekistan Ministry of Energy, Moscow City Government, Gazprom, Sibur and Shell. According to SPARK data base, the company is controlled by Yury Kovalchuk’s Russia bank through Synergia AO and Elektrospetsmontazh AO.



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