Governor of Oryol Region 'forgets' to report on his palace 

Governor of Oryol Region 'forgets' to report on his palace
Vadim Potomsky

Russiangate found a mansion not mentioned in the property declaration of Vadim Potomsky’s spouse. The house in area of 750 square meters is located in the Leningrad Region on a land plot of 5000 square meters.

Head of the Oryol Region Vadim Potomsky has been managing the Region for two years – since September, 2014. But within this short period of time, he managed to win enduring hostility of local residents. And there are reasons not love him: the Oryol Region residents are sure that Potomsky is an "ordinary thug." This accusation was made on the air on one of the radio stations soon after he took his office. Vadim Potomsky is often criticized for too close connections with the business. For example, he is engaged in 'protection racket' of OJSC Orlovsky Vinodelchesky Zavod (Oryol winery) and protects it from all sorts of checks. Together with his son Artem Dayneko, Potomsky tried to 'wrest' 75% stake in CJSC Eco City which is engaged with transportation and disposal of garbage in the Region. By the way, the garbage business has always attracted Potomsky: in his native Leningrad Region at the beginning of the 2000s he was in charge of a management company and was even a person of interest in a criminal case. But it ended in a collection of the debt.

Not only people are dissatisfied with Potomsky. There are claims from official bodies as well. Just this week, the Court of Auditors has checked the allocation of budget funds for the state program Development of agriculture in the Oryol Region for 2013-2020. And it found a violation of 16.5 million rubles. And only 117.2 million were checked, which means every tenth ruble was allocated incorrectly. The results of the check were sent to the Prosecutor of the Region.

Against the general background, Potomsky needs to be more careful and not to draw extra attention to his immodest person with the new violations. However, he failed once again. The Governor did not mention a huge house owned by his wife in the declarations, a house in area of 750 square meters, which is actually a palace.

At that, this information was leaked by his own wife Natalia. However, by chance. She really wanted to show off. And she did: to the reporters of Zagorodnoye Obozreniye (Country Review). In the interview, she talked about the secrets of the mansion renovation. Then, obviously, someone realized the stupidity of the situation and the article was removed from the publication’s website. But the house still did not appear in the declaration.


Vadim Potomsky with the wife and kids

Photos of the mansion often appear in social networks of Potomsky’s relatives. Hugely likely, we are talking about a house located in Vsevolozhsk. The Russiangate reporters could not learn exact address, but they found a plot of land in area of 969 square meters and a house on it in area of 181.3 square meters. Natalia Potomskaya registered this property back in 2007. But in the declarations it began to appear only in 2014. Too weird, isn’t it?   

Фото парковки особняка

Photos from social networks of Vadim Potomsky’s nephew

It is worth noting that, even according to the official declaration of 2011, Potomsky is quite rich: he owns a plot of land occupying 974 square meters, three apartments on the 116, 115 and 70 square meters, a house of 332 square meters.



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