Gorno-Altaysk Mayor accused of swindling 16.5 mln rubles

Gorno-Altaysk Mayor accused of swindling 16.5 mln rubles
Head of the Altai Republic's capital Viktor Oblogin

A criminal case against the mayor of Gorno-Altaysk Viktor Oblogin has been initiated under the art. 159 and art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code. The official stands accused of fraud and abuse of office.

According to representatives of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Altai Region, the court is currently considering the issue of the pre-trial restrictions against Oblogin. Most likely, the official will be placed under house arrest.

The investigators claim that in the period from April 2012 to August 2014, Viktor Oblogin used forged documents to sell the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser worth 1.5 million rubles, which belonged to the municipality. In March 2016, the head of the Altai Republic became the subject of a search. At that time, Oblogin said the incident had its roots in politics and the upcoming election to the State Duma. He also stated that he would not change his mind about participating in the election.

Moreover, according to the investigation, in 2011-2014, Oblogin distributed subsidies from the federal and regional budgets among local entrepreneurs, provided he would receive kick-backs in the amount of 20% for each subsidy granted. The investigators estimated that during those three years Oblogin illegally gained about 15 million rubles.



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