Geolocation data refuted Senator Tsybko bribe-taking

Geolocation data refuted Senator Tsybko bribe-taking
Konstantin Tsybko

Further details have been revealed in the city court of Ozersk, which is currently familiarizing with materials in the case of former Federation Council Member Konstantin Tsybko. According to these details, the bribe could not have been transferred to the former Senator.

As reports, evidence about the whereabouts of the defendants at a time when, according to investigators, Tsybko was receiving a bribe, refutes its very possibility. The geolocation data were presented in the court by public prosecution, disposing of materials of special services that had conducted surveillance of the Federation Council member.

According to the testimony of the main prosecution witness, former Ozersk City Manager Evgeny Tarasov and his deputy Valentin Gunin, on December 3, 2011 at approximately 23:00, Tsybko received part of the money, which, under the witnesses’ words, he demanded from Tarasov in exchange for protection. At this time, Tsybko was in the Ozersk Administration building, and later outside of it, when Gunin put a bag with 1.5 million rubles in the trunk of his car.

However, geolocation data tell a different story; On December 3 during this time, the Senator was in the Atrium Palace hotel in Yekaterinburg, the confirmation of which Tsybko has already provided to the court.

As for Gunin, who allegedly put money in the trunk of Tsybko’s car, was in 248 kilometers away from Ozersk, in Verkhneuralsk, where he was receiving money stolen from the budget from cashiers.

The second episode of “the Senator receiving bribes from Tarasov” is dated by December 27. The situation was repeated – Tarasov said that he met with the Senator outside of his home in Moscow for the transfer of money, when in fact, according to the geolocation, he was in the Federation Council the whole day.

After familiarization with another geolocation data file, it was found that Magnitogorsk businessman Oleg Laknitsky, who had been fined 30 million rubles for bribing Tsybko, incriminated himself, as he and the Senator were in completely different geographical areas on the said day in 2012.

Let us recall that in early November, a record of operational surveillance in a Chelyabinsk restaurant dated February 8, 2012 also refuted Laknitsky’s words that the Senator came to the restaurant to announce the amount of bribe to him. For a few hours while in Laknitsky’s restaurant, Konstantin Tsybko did not appear on the videotape.

Senator Tsybko is accused of taking a bribe in the amount of 18 million rubles from Tarasov for appointing him Head of the Ozersk District Administration. Laknitsky’s testimony indicates that Tsybko received from him a bribe of 10 million rubles for the provision of general protection of business activity. 



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