Gennady Lopyrev's detention connected with resignation of former head of Guard Service Evgeny Murov 

Gennady Lopyrev's detention connected with resignation of former head of Guard Service Evgeny Murov
General Lopyrev was delivered to 94th garrison military court

The former Head of the Federal Security Guard Service (FSGS), who left the post in May 2016, allegedly was a patron of the detained General.

New details of a criminal case, which main and still unique defendant was the Head of the FSGS Administration in Caucasus. According to TASS, Gennady Lopyrev was accused of Bribe-Taking on especially large scale (part 6 Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). At the same time, source disproved information of media that detention of the high-ranking employee of the FSGS was allegedly connected with distribution of lands and construction of Olympic venues in Sochi, emphasizing that the accusation concerns financial and economic activities.

Lopyrev’s lawyer, Ruslan Zakalyuzhny, confirmed that charges were brought to his client, noting that Lopyrev does not admit his guilt.

Gennady Lopyrev was detained in the afternoon on November 25. Different versions about the reasons of the incident appeared in a number of media. According to one of them detention of the General of the FSGS is connected with resignation of former Head of the FSGS Evgeny Murov. Evgeny Murov, who left his post in May 2016, allegedly was a patron of the detained general. Lopyrev served in the FSGS for more than 13 years. Evgeny Murov headed the FSGS of Russia for 16 years however in May, 2016 he was dismissed, attainment of the maximum age by Murov was called the formal reason. Meanwhile, before the resignation, name of Murov was quite often mentioned in connection with various corruption scandals.

According to other information of media, Gennady Lopyrev's detention can be connected with a scandalous construction of Olympic venues in Sochi. Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov can also be involved in criminal case of the general of the FSGS Gennady Lopyrev.

RBC wrote this with reference to the source familiar with investigation. Judging by information on the Internet, Gennady Lopyrev holds a position of the Head of the security service in the FSGS of Caucasus. He is suspected of violations of the law revealed as a result of internal check of FSGS.

According to one of the assumptions, case of detained Lopyrev may be connected with construction of Olympic venues in Sochi.

According to RBC, during internal check of the FSGS, as a result of which Lopyrev was detained, law enforcement agencies were checking activities of administration of Sochi during several weeks. According to the RBC’s source mayor Anatoly Pakhomov is involved as witness in the case of Lopyrev.

Earlier, Izvestia with reference to their sources in the Federal Security Services and administration of Sochi also reported that the General of the FSGS was detained in Sochi on suspicion of embezzlement and delivered to Moscow for interrogation. Later article of Izvestia was deleted from the website, but remained in a cache of Google. In material it is said that in the morning on November 25 in the building of the Sochi City Hall searches connected to the case connected to distribution of sections under construction of Olympic venues were conducted.

According to Volga-Kaspy, Lopyrev is suspected of embezzlement. According to the media, 1 billion rubles was found in the apartment of the general of the FSGS. Besides, investigation concerning other representatives of law enforcement agencies and the high-ranking officials of Sochi is also carried out. According to information of Volga-Kaspy, investigation was also interested in Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, however, he already started to cooperate with the investigation. RNS reported that FSGS did not comment on the information. FSGS also has not disclosed violations, which were found during check yet, referring to the fact that the investigative actions are in process.

Meanwhile, the Administration of Sochi disproved information on checks of law enforcement agencies.

Website Blogsochi reported that Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov commented on a situation. According to the blog, Pakhomov allegedly confirmed that he is familiar with Gennady Lopyrev: “I was seeing him twice a year on the day of the frontier guard and on May 9”, quotes Blogsochi. At the same time, on website it is written that mayor of Sochi disproved that he is involved as witness in the case.


Anatoly Pakhomov holds post of the Head of Sochi since 2009. The city population repeatedly showed discontent with his activities - illegal construction, deception of inhabitants in distribution of the houses built for the Olympic Games of 2014, lack of reaction of the mayor and his administration on constant problems of flooding of the city and the neighboring areas, and also questions of the sewerage, dumps and garbage removal.

As Kavkazsky Uzel wrote, special indignation of citizens was caused by destiny of the released Olympic objects. In 2015 houses were transferred to fixed assets of the city. In August, 2015 the administration of Sochi put them for on auction though in 2011 Pakhomov promised to move citizens from barracks to the objects vacated after the Olympic Games for free. The starting cost of one cottage was estimated at 21 million rubles. As of February 2, 2016 from 51 cottages offered for sale since the beginning of the announcement of auctions two houses were sold. On April 15 after double reduction of prices 14 “Olympic” cottages were sold. After that, eight more houses were added to number of the objects offered for sale.



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