General, security official and restaurateur. How Colonel Zakharchenko covered bioresource business 

General, security official and restaurateur. How Colonel Zakharchenko covered bioresource business
Mediators in passing the bribe to Zakharchenko left Russia

Dmitry Zakharchenko's lawyers unexpectedly violated the secrecy of investigation in court, having told about new defendants of the high-profile case. The source of The CrimeRussia explained the interests of participants in the corruption scheme.

A hearing of Moscow City Court on May, 17 on the complaint of lawyers of Dmitry Zakharchenko on arrest of more than $16 million of the former colonel of the MIA in the criminal case revealed new details of the investigation going in secrecy order.

A veil of mystery over the course of the investigation was suddenly raised by one of the lawyers of the suspect, Alexander Lebedevich. According to him, the investigation suspects Major General of the MIA Alexey Laushkin and FSB Colonel Dmitry Senin in the transfer of a bribe to the head of the T department of the MIA. Lebedevich said that according to the investigators, the officers took part in the transfer of 800 thousand dollars from one of the metropolitan restaurateurs to Zakharchenko.

When an investigator present at the trial reproved the lawyer about the inadmissibility of divulging the secrecy of the investigation, Lebedevich was supported by Alexander Gorbatenko, his colleague, lawyer. Noting that one of the suspects in the mediation, Colonel Dmitry Senin fled abroad, Gorbatenko named the restaurateur. According to him, the investigation believes that a bribe of $800 thousand was passed to Zakharchenko through intermediaries of the well-known restaurateur Mekhdi Duss, the owner of capital fish restaurant La Maree. It also became known that in addition to the money, the suspect passed a discount card of the restaurant for 3.5 million rubles ($60.4 thousand). The investigators think that Zakharchenko took advantage of it when visiting the restaurant. However, the lawyers claim that it was written in the name of General Laushkin.


Major General of the MIA Alexey Laushkin 

Concerning the latter the press service of the Central District of the Federal Service of Troops of the National Guard cast light in the evening of May 17, shortly after the end of the court session. The official statement says that Aleksey Laushkin, the police Major General, the head of Rosgvardia's department in the Moscow region and the deputy head of the department of state security of the MIA, has not served in the security agency since summer 2016. Laushkin was removed from office and soon dismissed, the report says. The current whereabouts of Laushkin are unknown, but the well-informed source of The CrimeRussia believes that the General could leave for Georgia. According to the source, Laushkin's wife, who owns several markets in Moscow, has Georgian citizenship.

Rostov clan of security officers

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The second person mentioned by the lawyers as a possible intermediary in the transfer of the bribe to the silovik, FSB Colonel Dmitry Senin was put on the federal wanted list on charges of desertion in the first half of May. According to the testimony of his former colleagues, about a month ago Senin gave the key to the safe, the certificate and the report on the dismissal to the employees of the organizational and inspection department of the FSB, where he had served recently, and left for lunch. He did not return back, and, according to some information, he most likely fled abroad using fraudulent documents.

The escaped Colonel (known in narrow circles as Dima Artioli for his love to the suits of this Italian brand) is a relative of Dmitry Zakharchenko – according to Novaya Gazeta, Senin and Zakharchenko are married to each other's sisters. As it turned out yesterday, according to the lawyers of Zakharchenko, Senin suspected of the mediation in the transfer of the bribe was not too cautious in vain.

It is possible that the investigation has information about his involvement in other unlawful acts of Zakharchenko. As we have reported earlier, it was Senin, who previously served in the FSB M Department of the MIA, who had a hand in the transfer of Dmitry Zakharchenko from the Rostov-on-Don tax police to Moscow to the post of deputy head of the 5th Operational Search Bureau of the Economic Security Department of the MIA, which supervised federal construction projects and housing and communal services. 

Sources of Novaya Gazeta in the FSB reported that Dmitry Zakharchenko became the ‘face’ of the ‘Rostov clan of security officers’, which, apart from his brother-in-law Senin, consisted of Evgeny Lobanov, the curator of the GUEBiPK in the FSB M department, and Sergey Gribanov, the coordinator of the cooperation between the Bureau of Internal Affairs of the FSB and MIA Main Directorate of Internal Security. According to media reports, the career of the latter has already been affected by the connection with Zakharchenko. In March 2017 FSB Colonel Gribanov was taken off the payroll of the M Department as a result of an operational check.

Discount for three and a half million

The hearing of Moscow City Court on May 17 witnessed Zakharchenko's defense telling about the circumstances, according to investigators, of receiving a bribe from Mekhdi Duss.

The lawyers say this happened several years ago, when then Major Dmitry Zakharchenko served in the P department of the MIA GUEBiPK, where he fought against crimes in the consumer market.

The source of The CrimeRussia, commenting on these data, noted that the company of restaurateur Mekhdi Duss had previously been repeatedly monitored by the GUEBiPK. This occurred at a time when the anti-corruption Chief Directorate was led by Lieutenant-General Denis Sugrobov, who on April, 27 was sentenced to 22 years for creating a criminal community and repeatedly abusing the power.

Мехди Дусс.jpg

Restaurateur Mekhdi Duss

According to the source of The CrimeRussia, the sphere of interests of the owner of La Maree extends far beyond the restaurant business, which is for Mekhdi Duss "a pleasant thing for the soul" rather than the main way of earning money. La Maree, controlled by businessman and well-known fixer in Moscow Duss, is engaged in wholesale trade in bioresources (valuable fish, seafood) and elite alcohol. The source notes that the company often became the object of attention of the employees of the biological resources department of the GUEBiPK, however each time the restaurateur left the water dry. Friendship with Colonel Zakharchenko allowed Mekhdi Duss to calmly engage in a lot of issues concerning the legality of business for a long time, the source said.

Given these circumstances, the version of the investigation with the transfer of the discount card worth 3.5 million rubles ($60.4 thousand) for restaurant La Maree to Zakharchenko seems logical. Today it revealed that the day before Yana Saratovtseva, the ex-participant of TV show Kholostyak (Bachelor) and the ex-wife of Dmitry Zakharchenko (according to some sources, his mistress up to the time of detention), celebrated her birthday on a grand scale in the elite restaurant.


Yana Saratovtseva

Instagram public page Mash reported that the society hostess rented a whole floor in the restaurant. It is not known whether Saratovceva the card of her ex-husband stood Saratovtseva in good stead or not, but the opulent celebration for 30 guests, who were entertained by pop stars, cost the heroine of the festivities 3 million rubles ($51.8 thousand).

The whole family

At the same hearing of the Moscow City Court, where it became known about the new incriminated to Zakharchenko episode of receiving a bribe, last civil wife of former Interior Ministry Colonel Anastasia Pestrikova appeared in public.

анастасия пестрикова.jpg

Civil wife of Zakharchenko Anastasia Pestrikova

Yesterday it became known that practically all members of scandalous former MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko's family were involved in various corruption schemes. In particular, during the appeal of the arrest of allegedly belonging to the ex-policeman $16 million, it was found out that this money passed through a whole chain of people close to him, including his girlfriend Anastasia Pestrikova, who is the mother of one and a half year old son of Zakharchenko. The money was found on the accounts of her relative Lydia Gorshkova. Moreover, the intermediary in obtaining a bribe by the Colonel, according to some sources, could be Zakharchenko's brother-in-law, who served in the FSB. 

Pestrikova stated in court that $16 million, which were seized, belonged to her father Vladimir Pestrikov, and she has nothing to do with the accused under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Zakharchenko. Anastasia said that she personally transferred this money to her close relative Lydia Gorshkova, on whose VTB24 account it was later found and arrested. Pestrikova said that her father earned money and he could explain the origin to the court. However, the court did not convince her - the money remained under arrest.

Dmitry Zakharchenko, who participated in the hearing through a videoconference, denied her words, although he himself did not admit to involvement in this money.

"Money does not belong to me, but belongs to Lydia Gorshkova. I make a statement that this money is not mine. Anastasia Pestrikova told the investigators that the money belonged to her family. Pestrikova became a hostage of the situation. She's only to blame for having a half-child from me," Zakharchenko said. 

Recall that another wife of Dmitry Zakharchenko Marina Semynina, the mother of their daughter Ulyana, currently lives in the south of the country like the rest of the relatives of the former Colonel. After the details of the expensive elite real estate, the park of elite cars and foreign assets, according to the documents belonging to the family members of Zakharchenko, became known, they all left for the Rostov region, and Marina Semynina with daughter Ulyana moved to Sochi.

марина семынина.jpg

Marina Semynina

In Moscow only the father of the former Colonel, pensioner Viktor Zakharchenko, who is currently in the pre-trial detention center, remained. The father of Colonel Zakharchenko was arrested in late March as part of the investigation of the criminal case under part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (Embezzlement on an especially large scale) and Art. 33, Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (Complicity in Misappropriation or Embezzlement). First it was reported that Viktor Zakharchenko was detained in connection with the documents on deposits in Swiss banks for the amount of 300 million euros, found in one of the apartments belonging to his family. Then it was found out that in 2014-2015 Zakharchenko Senior received a salary in the Moscow Mortgage Agency financial institution, although in fact he did not work there. Thus, according to the investigation, he appropriated the money received, the amount of which is not called. Viktor Zakharchenko does not admit his guilt. The pensioner believes that the investigation is trying to put pressure on his son.  


Viktor Zakharchenko at a court session on changing his measure of restraint

Meanwhile, according to one version, Zakharchenko Sr. is known as the author of various financial schemes, which are used by owners and top managers of troubled banks. It was reported that, together with his son, he helped bankers minimize losses before revoking licenses from their organizations. At the same time, part of the money was siphoned off abroad, the other was cashed. According to some information, it was this money (€ 2 million and $120 million) that were found by FSB officers in the apartment of Colonel Zakharchenko's half sister, Elena Razgunova.



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