General Lopyrev received 'crumbs' from corruption schemes

General Lopyrev received 'crumbs' from corruption schemes
Investigators consider General Lopyrev to be only a 'pawn' in the corrupt scheme of Dmitry Mikhalchenko

According to the investigation, Dmitry Mikhalchenko and Dmitry Sergeev received most of the income.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation completed the investigation of the case against former Federal Guard Service (FSO) chief in the Caucasus General Lopyrev. According to the investigation, he received remuneration from construction firms. This is reported by Rosbalt.

According to sources of the publication, Lopyrev was indicted in the final version. He is charged with taking bribes in the form of money and services for the protection of the activities of the three construction companies. The ex-Head of the FSO in the Caucasus did not admit his guilt.

However, according to sources of the edition, the General received only 'crumbs' from corruption schemes. The main beneficiaries of the schemes are owners of the Baltstroy company Dmitry Mikhalchenko and Dmitry Sergeev. The source told the story of the Baltstroy's emergence: there were four friends who were familiar from childhood - Dmitry Sergeev, Alexander Kochenov, Dmitry Torchinsky, Stanislav Kuner. Sergeev bought a stake in Baltstroy, and offered to buy the other half to his friend, oligarch Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who had strong ties with FSO.

Thanks to these ties, Baltstroy began to receive major contracts from the special services. Later, Kochenov, Torchinsky and Kyuner joined this profitable business. Half of the profits took Mikhalchenko, and the second half Sergeev distributed among his friends.

According to the source, all contracts were distributed by the leadership of the FSO, which gave recommendations to their subordinates on the ground (among which was Lopyrev) to give the procurement contracts to Mikhalchenko's structures. One example is the reconstruction of the Sochi residence of the President Bocharov Ruchey, given to the company Stroykomplekt. The leaders of this firm are Sergeev and Torchinsky, the amount of the contract was 258.6 million rubles ($4.2m). At the moment, both entrepreneurs give testimony to investigators.

Thus, Lopyrev, who received the 'recommendation' from above, was only a nominal distributor of funds. As a result, the money that he took for himself was only the 'tip of the iceberg' from the sums that were in the hands of Mikhalchenko and Sergeev. In fact, entrepreneurs did not even communicate with Lopyrev, as they had contact with his leaders. However, in all likelihood, the siloviki considered that through the General can get valuable information about the 24 hours Governor – Dmitry Mikhalchenko.



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