General Drymanov was the one behind secret meeting of Shakro and Italianets

General Drymanov was the one behind secret meeting of Shakro and Italianets
Alexander Drymanov

The thief in law was brought to the ICR department to convince Andrei Kochuykov to confess, which could have given the investigators a reason for changing the verdict of the kingpin to a softer one.

FSB officers have found that the former Moscow head of the Investigative Committee, his deputy Denis Nikandrov and the former head of Interagency Cooperation and Security Department, Mikhail Mikhailovich Maximenko, arranged a meeting in the administration building of the Investigation Directorate for the Central Administrative District. They had taken a bribe of $1 million for arranging the meeting of the thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) and his crony Andrei Kochuykov (Italianets). Rosbalt reported details of the story.

According to the source, the investigators had no other choice: they took the money but there was no plausible excuse for changing the verdict of Italianets to a milder one since Kochuykov would not give any confessions.

Shakro also seemed unable to change his friend’s mind in any way. Italianets did not testify, so Drymanov, Nikandrov and Maksimenko opted for "forgetting" to prolong his detention, having each arranged timely business trips.

However, the thief’s freedom did not last long: FSB officers detained him at the prison gate.

Earlier, when Drymanov’s office had been searched, a large number of documents on the Kochuykov case were found. The officers also found eight mobile phones (including three iPhones), 10 SIM cards registered in different persons, and debt receipts that showed that Drymanov had taken interest-free loans of up to $80.000 from private individuals. The former chief investigator also turned out to own an anonymous MasterCard (First Swiss Card) associated with a European account. Drymanov said he would not comment on this citing Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.



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