General Drymanov says he is ready for “procedural battle”

General Drymanov says he is ready for “procedural battle”
Alexander Drymanov was brought to court

The former head of Moscow's Investigative Committee does not intend to leave Russia and will defend his innocence in court.

The former head of the Investigative Committeee’s Directorate for Moscow, General Alexander Drymanov, said that he does not intend to leave Russia and is ready to defend his innocence in court, an RBC correspondent reports.

Asked by the reporter why he did not leave Russia, Drymanov replied: “Where should I go? This is our homeland.” He also added that he was “ready for a procedural battle.”

Lefortovsky Court in Moscow addressed the pre-trial preventive measure regarding the General behind the closed doors. As previously reported by the RBC correspondent, the General was brought to the hearing not in a police paddy wagon but on a tinted minivan with state plate numbers AMR.

The detainment of Drymanov by the FSB operatives became known on the morning of July 17. The source of the publication, familiar with the materials of the investigation, said that he was detained on suspicion of involvement in receiving a bribe from mafia lord Zakhary Kalashov (also known as Shakro Molodoy).

The person, who sounded suspicions against Drymanov in January 2018 during another process, the defendant in which was the ex-head of the department of internal security of the Investigative Committee, Mikhail Maksimenko, was State prosecutor Boris Loktionov.



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